Date: October 19, 2013

  • SFTP publish allows empty private key
  • Expired subscription does not cause notification to appear every VS startup
  • Fix of conflicting PhpNetCore.dll when Phalanger is installed
  • Fix of debugger keeping socket opened after VS is closed


Date: September 17, 2013

  • Memory usage optimizations
  • .coffee and .less item templates added (if supported by VS)
  • PHP 5.5 syntax supported
  • php.ini configuration issue checker improvements
  • Code commenting improvements for mixed tabs/spaces on commented lines
  • Improved metadata generation for native PHP functions and classes (F12 on builtin PHP stuff)
  • Publish dialog fix; saves data when enter is pressed
  • Allowing to use some 3rd party extensions getting color information improperly
  • File System publisher doesn't propage readonly and hidden attributes
  • SFTP publisher supports private key
  • Navigating to php files via Find Results fix


  • Xdebug configuration checks improvements
  • Debugger/Watch allows complex expressions
  • Debugger handles evaluation with side effect
  • Debugger hexadecimal view support
  • During debugging on IIS Express, verbose messages are printed to VS Output
  • If IIS Express fails to start, user is notified and debug session won't start


  • Support for generators added into IntelliSense
  • F1 Help provided for more PHP keywords
  • updated integrated documentation (Sep 3rd 2013)
  • Some optional parameters of PHPManual functions shown properly as optional
  • Initial value of PHPManual function parameters shown in tool tips


Date: August 22, 2013

  • Asking for trial at Visual Studio startup can be disabled now
  • Option to disable keyword reference highlighting under the cursor
  • Option to disable PHPDoc generating for /**


  • Autos window during debugging
  • Remote debugging through SSH tunnel allowed


Date: August 8, 2013

  • start page shows subscription expiration
  • project system fixes for dragging and removing
  • version date is checked against subscription expiration
  • start page shows changelog
  • requires to try professional features
  • license is valid for any Visual Studio version until subscription is valid


Date: July 16, 2013

  • occurences of the identifier under the caret is highlighted across the whole file
  • Publishable property fix, listing files to publish fix
  • HTML IntelliSense (code completion, including smart closing tag)
  • HTML element pair highlighting
  • HTML automatic closing element inserted on >
  • HTML commenting/uncommenting selection (applicable only if HTML xor PHP are selected)
  • formatting HTML document
  • improvements in HTML colorizer, more "non-standard" HTML code allowed
  • improved performance and stability of colorizer
  • creating new PHP project automatically opens 'index.php'
  • fixed IntelliSense of DOMNodeList
  • foreach of DOMNodeList, DirectoryIterator, ArrayIterator
  • foreach of classes derived from Iterator with function current()
  • PHP project publish bug fixes