Date: April 25, 2013

  • remote debugging fix


Date: April 14, 2013

  • PHP Debugger improvements
  • strings longer than 1024 handled, can be previewed and edited
  • arrays and objects with more than 32 elements handled, can be viewed and edited
  • modified values/objects in immediate window are updated in debug view
  • fix of automatic port selection
  • project located in disk root starts up properly
  • fix of startup url, forward slashes instead of backward
  • formatting fix of return expression
  • devsense.com web site is not opened after installation
  • F12 and F1 when cursor is just before the word
  • project properties can be saved even if no PHP interpreter is configured
  • fix when VS is being closed with built-in PHP web server running
  • fix of project properties port number input text box


Date: March 31, 2013

  • PHP class item template
  • fix of scrolling the document to the cursor position on enter after long lines
  • fix of formatting on code using heredoc
  • start page is displayed after an update and disable checkbox is more visible
  • start page contains more information about features


Date: March 23, 2013

  • Navigate To support (Ctrl + ,)
  • PHP 5.4 traits syntax
  • PHP 5.4 function array dereference syntax
  • PHP 5.4 function call on object instantioation
  • IntelliSense of new PHP 5.4 constructs
  • IntelliSense hides private members out of its class
  • IntelliSense after use/extends/implements/new improved, traits handled
  • proper icons of interfaces in IntelliSense lists
  • fix of adding handlers into IIS configuration
  • JavaSript debugger (JScript) support (implies use of IE)
  • selection of debuggers (PHP and/or JavaScript) in project properties
  • improved PHPDoc, handles @property-write, @property-read and more @method syntaxes
  • PHP debugger improvements
  • IntelliSense improvements
  • Project Publish "Skip missing files check" option
  • Project system improvements when using source control binding
  • overriding of functions fix; autocompletes type hints and parameters default value
  • control variable from catch() block in IntelliSense
  • php item templates do not have BOM


Date: March 3, 2013

  • minor fix when VS freezes on first opened php file
  • PHPDoc @param without variable name handled
  • feedback button crash fix
  • publishing issue fix with new files
  • debugging path mapping fixes
  • formatter handles class field initializers
  • singleline PHPDoc not collapsible
  • class search shows classes, global functions, constants
  • tooltip stability issue fix
  • closing file crash while IntelliSense is active fix
  • renaming files under source control fix


Date: February 22, 2013

  • Minor fix of IntelliSense and Class View within solutions with more than one PHP project loaded


Date: February 21, 2013

  • Project Publish
  • Manual Publish command
  • Publish profiles management
  • Publish Wizard, connection validation
  • File System, FTP, FTPS, SFTP protocols
  • Automatic publish before Run
  • Fast incremental Publish
  • Remote Debugging / Custom server
  • Automatic directory mapping
  • Publish before run
  • PHP Built-in server Routing Script option
  • Class View, Class search
  • structured by namespaces
  • Object Browser
  • IntelliSense improvements:
  • Asynchronous IntelliSense (Completor, Word Completion, ToolTip, MethodTip) immediate editor response
  • IntelliSense of array items, foreach enumeration
  • array type hint in PHPDoc supported (e.g. ObjType[])
  • Global constants defined thru define() with PHPDoc
  • Global variables defined thru PHPDoc (using @global tag)
  • Other IntelliSense engine improvements
  • IntelliSense engine optimizations
  • fast editor response when matching/highlighting braces
  • Description of more PHP keywords and built-in functions
  • 'Go To Declaration' (F12) in case of variables and properties does not show implicit declarations
  • 'Go To Declaration' (F12) of declarations from @method or @property jumps to corresponding PHPDoc tag
  • options for disabling code collapsing by default, collapsing of PHPDoc blocks or #region/#endregion
  • option for IntelliSense variable preselection when $ is typed
  • collapsing of <?php ?> code blocks
  • collapsing of group of line comments, allowing to have whitelines between them
  • VS 2012 light/dark project icons
  • .php file is opened in an existing instance of Visual Studio when opening from Windows Explorer
  • VS 2012 faster response in large projects
  • Start Page with News re-enabled only after major update
  • project system fixes, improvements
  • fixed Method Info for multilined function calls
  • fixed performance issue of huge PHP projects when whole VS was laggy