Date: November 27, 2014

  • Fix of crash, when extension_dir directive in php.ini contains invalid characters.
  • Fix of F12 when window is scrolled few lines up.


Date: October 16, 2014

  • $argv and $argc in IntelliSense.
  • Fix for Tab settings when indenting and unindenting (Tab, Shift+Tab).
  • When changing File Extension/Editor options, IntelliSense cache is reloaded immediatelly.
  • Memory usage optimization.
  • Project system improvements.
  • IntelliSense performs more tasks on background.
  • S/FTP faster target directory check.
  • IntelliSense cursor position fixes.
  • IntelliSense fix for self, parent, static when inside a namespace.
  • When navigating from Navigation Bar into a collapsed region, region is expanded.


Date: September 19, 2014

  • Fix of code formatting within try/catch block.
  • Fix of crash when there is a file missing on disk.
  • Fix of Tool Tip crash when first letter of an identifier is mouseovered.
  • Fix of IntelliSense exception.
  • Fix of old HTML support IntelliSense.
  • Fix of Error List and Task List; only errors of opened files or files within a PHP project are listed, only tasks of a file within a PHP project are listed


Date: September 14, 2014

  • Include and Exclude performance improvements.
  • Error List performance improvements.
  • Navigation Bar performance improvements.
  • Fix of crash when .NET Performance and Diagnostics is launched with PHP Project.
  • Fix of crash when debugging is stopped.
  • IntelliSense engine runs max for few seconds.
  • Fixed IntelliSense when cursor is at the end of file.
  • Fixed IntelliSense for functions and constants.
  • Fixed IntelliSense when PHPDoc type names have to be translated using current naming context.
  • Fixed IntelliSense over identifiers which name should be translated using current naming context.


Date: September 8, 2014

  • IntelliSense object members.
  • Opening documents fix.
  • Starting web project fix.
  • Items in navigation bar are sorted alphabetically.
  • Conditionally declared functions and classes are visible in IntelliSense.


Date: August 30, 2014

  • Feedback form in Help | PHP Tools Feedback.
  • Feedback form when app crashes from PHP Tools.


  • Fix of debugging when path contains '#' character.
  • Debug path mapping considers project references and SubPath property.


  • Support for NuGet.


  • Test Configuration Editor.
  • Support for custom PHPUnit configuration file.
  • Organizing tests by a test suite defined in a configuration file.
  • Support for bootstrapper and other PHPUnit options.
  • Faster test discovery.
  • By default, only files suffixed with Test.php are probed.
  • Test class must have 'Test' suffix.


Date: August 22, 2014

  • High DPI UI support.
  • Support for JS debugging in PHP main file.
  • Fixes.


  • Peek to definition.
  • Quick Info syntax colored.
  • More information in IntelliSense.
  • Redesigned IntelliSense.
  • Over "new" expression, F1 and F12 jumps to the constructor of class.
  • Code collapsing of lambda functions.
  • Fix of crash when there is "func() = expr;" code.
  • Fix when there is a method called "assert".
  • Fix when using declare().


  • Project-wide Error List.