Date: January 8, 2013

  • new PHP Variable color
  • better support for VS2012 dark theme
  • VS 2012 preview tab supported
  • fixed reseting of HTML colors on VS 2012
  • fixed IntelliSense replacement span, e.g. right before a string
  • fixed syntax error of class constant set to a string containing $


Date: December 17, 2012

  • fixed debugging when user stopped debug manually before debug session ended
  • fixed debugging of projects located in paths containing Unicode characters
  • fixed 'project from existing code' wizard messages
  • fixed entering new line with 'virtual space' option and with caret after the line end
  • fixed IntelliSense deduction of abstract methods but with PHPDoc information
  • support for improved method call syntax $classname::$methodname()
  • support for improved array syntax [1,2,3, 'key' => $value]


Date: November 27, 2012

  • PHP code formatting fixes
  • project system fixes
  • more IntelliSense within FTP site and FileSystem site


Date: November 27, 2012

  • Windows 8 Debugger Systray fix
  • fix of crashing when RedGate Reflector is installed
  • IntelliSense optimizations
  • IntelliSense of namespaces fixes
  • beta of arrays IntelliSense, foreach
  • version in Start Page
  • IIS Express debugging fix when default URL is used
  • PHP Project system improvements
  • Drag&Drop and Ctrl+C/X/V within same project
  • solution explorer refresh button
  • missing files marked with exclamation mark in solution explorer
  • VS12 additional colors fix
  • debugging of certain servers (PHP 5.4, IIS Express) allowed without Administrator rights
  • debugger catch Exceptions
  • PHP Exceptions listed in Debug -> Exceptions
  • HTML highlighting uses VS settings, Spellchecker addon compatibility fix


Date: October 30, 2012

  • PHP code debugging (XDebug support)
  • Immediate Window during debugging
  • Debug Quick Watch and Tooltips with actual value
  • Editting values during debugging
  • PHP projects
  • @property and @method PHPDoc tags
  • package fix on Windows XP
  • performance fix of Visual Studio Web Site
  • IntelliSense fixes
  • Comment/Uncomment selection fix
  • Project From Existing Code... (File -> New)
  • Custom file extensions available free
  • Built-in PHP 5.4 server support
  • IIS Express server support
  • PHP configuration issues manager
  • Automatic one-time file association