September 2023 (version 1.75)

Welcome to the September 2023 release of PHP Tools for Visual Studio!

PHP 8.3 Syntax

Adding support for PHP 8.3 syntax features including:

  • Typed class constants
  • Anonymous readonly classes
  • Dynamic class constant fetch

scalar_objects Support

Thanks to the suggestions #378, we're adding native support for the scalar_objects extension by Nikita Popov.

The editor recognizes register_primitive_type_handler() calls, and allows completion for specified scalar types.

Completing File Paths

The editor is completing and navigating to files #402.

file path suggestion

Class Name Inline Suggestion

Newly, when typing a new class, the class name is suggested based on the file name. The suggestion takes advantage of the inline compose lenses, so it's non disruptive; accepted with TAB key.

class name suggestion

In combination with IntelliPHP, which is a part of PHP Tools for Visual Studio 2022, there are even more code suggestions!

Optimized Loading and Memory Use

The editor is caching composer.lock and the corresponding vendor folder. This significantly improves opening solutions based on Composer packages, and drops the RAM usage to the bare minimum.

Inlay Hints for Attributes

Newly, attributes above classes will have inlay hints with parameter names (#383), if enabled.


  • Fixes use statements sorting.
  • Fixes go-to-def of a method defined in a trait.
  • Fixes @psalm-import-type phpdoc tag support.
  • Fixes inlay hints when there is a new without parameters.
  • Fixes rename refactoring of static methods.
  • Avoids showing keyword tooltip if it's not a keyword.
  • Avoids showing duplicit items in peek window.
  • More fixes of code diagnostics and IntelliSense.
  • Stability fixes.