Date: April 11, 2018

  • New project wizard when creating PHP Web Project.
  • New project template for Simple CMS (based on PicoCMS).
  • Code Analysis CPU improvements.
  • @method with "static" supported.


  • Checking expressions validity before sending them to Xdebug


  • New snippets (#region, #todo, @phpdoc_tag).
  • F1 supported for phpdoc tags.
  • Custom snippets showed in completion lists.
  • "echo" keyword occurances (F1, F12, semantic highlighting, do not allow refactoring).


  • Partial localization to major languages (de, es, fr, ja, pt-br, ro, ru, tr, zh).
  • PHP manual localized to major languages.


  • Editor optimizations.
  • Fix of multiline comments.


  • Editor optimizations.
  • Fix: Completion list showed twice when Ctrl+Space pressed.
  • Fix: Code preview did not show some generated code.

Code Validation

  • Report warnings for duplicate array key in array initializer.
  • void reported as invalid in @param, @var, @property.
  • Type name "\" is ignored by CFG, but reported.