Date: June 3, 2013

  • Automatic installation of PHP with Xdebug from Web Platform Installer
  • IntelliSense enhancements
  • no code completion after "var" keyword
  • private static and non-static functions and properties only shown in its class context
  • overriding of builtin PHP functions shows valid type hints
  • update of builtin PHP manual to April 2013 version
  • PDO:: constants in IntelliSense
  • PDO methods have proper return type and -> after them works
  • F1 works for built-in PHP classes and their members
  • fix of smart indent after "(new X)->xxx;" statement
  • Class Search allows searching for class members too
  • Object Browser shows additional PHPDoc information
  • Debugger improvements
  • Debugger allows to select what kind of errors are handled
  • Fatal, Parse, Unknown errors breaks debug
  • fix when running VS as Guest; fixes startup crash and activating trial crash
  • fix when running project after configuration error; new configuration takes an effect