November 2021 (version 1.58)


v1.58 is a maintenance release improving current features and fixing stability and performance issues. Thank you all for your feedback!


  • Debugger shows more specific icon glyphs in Watch window for class statics container and constants.
  • Debugger does not allow to make object ID of pseudo variables (class statics container)
  • Debugger shows user constants in Watch window. debugger user constants
  • When creating CakePHP project from composer, /webroot is automatically set as project root folder.
  • Wizard for new project from composer prefetches cakephp/app package information for quick create.


  • Visual Studio 2022: adds back PHP project and file icons in Solution Explorer.
  • Fixes rare Visual Studio freeze during project load.
  • Performance fixes during project load, avoids making Visual Studio unresponsive for a period of time.
  • Performance fixes when Remote Explorer is opened in combination with legacy project type.
  • Fixes Visual Studio unresponsiveness when Remote Explorer is opened and the remote profile set to Files Included in Project.
  • Fixes "PHP Console Project" new project template. Now it contains the default index.php file.
  • Fixes debug session stability when a duplicit function breakpoint is set.
  • General optimizations.