Date: December 14, 2017

  • PHP parser fixes.
  • Improved deprecations analysis.
  • Find references improvements.
  • Various stability enhancements.


  • Fix of Test Explorer for custom phpunit config.


Date: November 28, 2017

  • Underlining deprecated PHP constructs.
  • Updated IntelliSense database to latest PHP manual.
  • "object" type hint fix.


Date: November 26, 2017

  • IntelliSense improvements for F1 and GoToDef, not showing duplicities.
  • Memory usage optimizations.
  • Experimental .phar file navigation and debug features.
  • Various UI enhancements on high DPI displays.
  • Refactoring fixes.
  • Crash fixes of PHP parser.
  • Crash fixes when running composer with IIS Express.


  • Implemented Twig Editor for .twig files.
  • Twig code colorization, mixture of HTML/JS/CSS/Twig supported.
  • Highlighting of identifier under cursor and its occurances.
  • Contextual IntelliSense, Code Completion, F1 Help and Go To Definition.
  • Tool Tip Text for Twig constructs, variables and keywords.
  • Code Outlining for Twig blocks, constructs and macros.
  • Syntax checking with error underlining.
  • Detection of Twig framework and eventual automatic installation into the project.
  • Twig Split View, providing view on generated PHP code and mapping between generated PHP and Twig.