Date: March 24, 2017

  • PHP 7.1 automatic installation.
  • Xdebug updated.
  • Startup speed improvements.
  • Updated PHP parser
  • Minor fixes
  • Respecting primitive types in PHP < 7.0
  • Parsing files from disk respects system encoding and detects UTF


  • Inserting snippet indenting fix when there are tabs.
  • Nodes outside the current namespace are listed in the completition set as well together with warning icon.


  • Autogenerate the use statement for selected class.
  • Suggestions added for unknown types in PHPDoc.
  • Short name suggestions for types.
  • Unknown type handling added for trait uses, return types and catch variable types.

Smarty (VS2015 and newer)

  • Smarty has its dedicated editor.
  • Smarty delimiters can be modified in project properties.
  • Javascript and CSS integration.
  • Fixes of some edge cases.
  • Fixes a syntax error exception.
  • Installation suggestion for smarty composer package.
  • Include snippet added.
  • Break and continue keywords added.


  • Experimental support for Visual Studio 2017
  • Fix: failed to open PHP project
  • Removed Nuget support for PHP projects