December 2021 (version 1.59)


Release v1.59 improves existing features, and adds stable release of PHP 8.1 into the project properties.


  • Stable release of PHP 8.1 included; installed upon setting in Project Properties.
  • PHP 8.2 development version added

PHP 8.2 DEV installation

As always, the selection configures the code IntelliSense and code diagnostics accordingly to the selected version for PHP. Also, it automatically installs the PHP itself, including the debugging extension. Additionally, it keeps it updated.


  • Displaying x86/x64 flag in IIS server in Project Properties.
  • Improves performance of outputting text to Visual Studio output panes.
  • When installing IISExpress automatically, IISExpress 10 is installed now instead of IISExpress 8.
  • .vs\phptasks.json file created for Project Events can be moved to the root of project (manually).
  • Improves code analysis in trait with private abstract functions.
  • Improves code analysis for use of [] within function call argument.
  • Improves code analysis for isset() wihtin global code.


  • IntelliSense recognizes class names within parameters of PHP 8 attributes.
  • Improves code analysis when passing non-variables by reference.
  • Tooltips correctly displays PHP 8.1 intersection types.
  • Improves code completion after nullable typehint (in class properties declaration).


  • Immediate and Watch windows show the reason why expression couldn't be evaluated.
  • Track objects (Make Object ID) improved.
  • Eval' result expansion doesn't cause side-effects.
  • Edit value correctly escapes string values.
  • Xdebug extension automatically updated.
  • Improves debugger stability.


  • Fixes occasional freezes when switching project to use IIS web server.
  • Hides PHP property page in non-PHP projects.
  • Fixes F12 when navigating to include file path.
  • Fixes IntelliSense not showing/recognizing STD global constants.
  • IISExpress is not required for IIS to work
  • (VS 2022) Console project behaves as console project, not web project.
  • Fixes possible lagging when typing.
  • Fixes lowercased file names in publish and IntelliSense.
  • Fixes crash and repetitious "composer install" when installing missing composer packages from Solution Explorer.