Date: May 28, 2018

  • PHP 7.2 automatic installation.
  • Xdebug updates for older PHP frameworks.
  • Custom server form respects properties window size.
  • Fix of freezing when opening certain SMB mapped projects.

Code Validation

  • password_hash not deprecated, just its parameter.


  • STDIN,STDOUT,STDERR in IntelliSense of CLI projects.

Blade (VS2015+)

  • Reimplemented Blade Template Engine support.

Twig (VS2015+)

  • Custom filter quick info enhanced.
  • Twig parent() function enabled in design split view.
  • Fix: extends keyword help.
  • Twig extensions analyzed even in references.


  • Fix: When pasting formating gets messed up.
  • Fix: Browser selector works in VS 15.7.0 and later.