January 2022 (version 1.60)

Downloads: https://www.devsense.com/download
Purchase: https://www.devsense.com/purchase

We're happy to introduce the release 1.60 of PHP Tools for Visual Studio. The release improves stability, and adds features based on user's feedback!


  • The public web folder is annotated with "wwwroot" icon.
  • Project properties and Project's context menu do not show unnecessary menu items.


  • Added checks for correct use of the new PHP 8.1 intersection types.
  • Improves code completion - faster completion, better pre-selection of completion items.
  • Improves analysis of missing abstract method implementation.
  • Automatic rename of class when a corresponding file gets renamed in the new project system (common project system).
  • Accessibility keywords added to code completion within function headers.


  • Running CLI project uses command-line arguments specified on the project properties page.
  • Fixes crash in VS 2022 when user clicks at the php.ini link on the project properties page.
  • Fixes possible deadlock upon opening a project.
  • Fixes composer info-bar with missing packages information and quick action to "install" them.