Date: March 24, 2021

  • Fixes lag when opening code completion.
  • Shows PHP log in Output's Debug pane.
  • Improves code analysis in try/catch.
  • Improves tooltip perf. for variables.
  • Memory optimizations.
  • Fixes phpunit integration when phpunit is required in composer.json.


Date: March 11, 2021

  • (VS 2019) Option to choose whether to analyse user code and/or vendor folder(s). "User code" only by default.
  • Smart indenting of finally block.
  • Clickable URLs in tool tips.
  • Improves editor responsiveness.
  • Fixes not disapearing signature help in anonymous functions.
  • Fixes error underlining when .editorconfig is applied.
  • Fixes debugger when using Xdebug 3.0.
  • Stability fixes (fixes crash on malformed .editorconfig).
  • Composer integration fixes.
  • Composer window fixes.


Date: February 26, 2021

  • (VS 2019) Fixes of Publish functionality.
  • Reverted asynchronous code completion.
  • Fixes NullReferenceException dialog when renaming files.
  • Fixes crash on opening a project.
  • Fixes crash when working with Drupal projects.
  • (VS 2019) Shows details about indexing PHP files in VS progress status (lower left corner).
  • Improves performance when having composer packages.
  • Improves project load times.
  • Overall performance improvements.
  • Logs details from WebPlatformInstaller process.


Date: February 18, 2021

  • fixes possible stuck on project load
  • fixes tests run
  • fixes invalid composer failure reported to user
  • allows new project even if PHP cannot be installed
  • updated pcre check
  • updates PHP0423 warning for ambigous functions
  • updates PHP 8.0 installation from WebPI
  • (VS 2019) speedups project open


Date: February 17, 2021

  • updated PHP manual with more PHP 8 declarations
  • avoided a few falsely reported problems
  • fixes type analysis for reserved keywords within PHPDoc @return tag
  • more details in tool-tips for built-in type keywords
  • DBGp Proxy support fixes for the server downloaded from the Xdebug home page
  • fixes missing declarations in IntelliSense
  • speedups project load
  • Twig editor fixes.
  • PHPDoc generated above local and global variables.


  • Fixes list of required composer packages.
  • fixes falsely reported composer missing packages warning
  • fixes duplicate composer warning bar
  • fixes composer tree (performance and too many packages listed)


Date: February 10, 2021

  • Fixes new project creation.
  • Asynchronous code completion popup.
  • (VS2019) Improves editor responsiveness.
  • Fixes exception during project analysis.
  • Less warnings about suspicious type conversions between string and number.
  • Improves analysis of WordPress code base.
  • Stability fixes.


Date: February 3, 2021

  • Colorizing and analysing code in rename refactoring preview.
  • Colorizing code in peek window.
  • Code analysis respects subtypes, trait implementors, and mixins.
  • Improves type analysis of standard functions.
  • Improves type analysis and code analysis of user's code.
  • Avoids some falsely reported warnings.
  • Updated PCRE checks.
  • Improves rename refactoring for fuctions as strings.
  • Validating and automatically enabling PHP extensions in Laravel.
  • Updates Xdebug to 3.0.2. (3.0.0 has issues when unsetting breakpoints)
  • Better tooltip in case it can be either a class or function.
  • Improves phpstorm metadata processing.
  • Optimizations.
  • Stability fixes.
  • Test executor uses correct arguments.


  • Fixes remote debugging with path mapping with spaces.


Date: January 8, 2021

Code Analysis

  • optimizations
  • respects @template annotation in PHPDoc
  • handles inline @var annotation
  • signature help for ambiguous constructors (new \ReflectionMethod)
  • PHPDoc array type with union elements annotation (array<A\B\C>)
  • PHPDoc allows for nullable type annotation (e.g. ?int)
  • improves code analysis, avoids some false positives
  • improves code flow analysis, isset(), is_resource(), and type inference
  • improves analysis for lambda function use variables
  • CLI specific constants and variables are allowed and code completed
  • updates .phpstorm.meta.php parser for type inference
  • does not respect PHP4-style ctor when using PHP 7.1+
  • fixes return check of generator functions
  • fixes check for __clone() magic method, can be private
  • fixes check for array access on \SplObjectStorage
  • fixes case and array key duplicity check for non-printable characters


  • (VS2017, VS2019) Progress UI in lower left corner of VS.
  • (VS2019) Improves type names shown in tool tips.
  • performance optimizations
  • "Go to Implementation" for traits
  • fixes "Go to Implementation" in case of an anonymous class