Date: June 29, 2015

  • Tooltip colors in dark theme fixes.
  • Formatting options for semicolon and right brace handled.
  • IntelliSense after $somevar:: fix.
  • Block indentation supported.
  • Smart new line in PHPDoc disabled in Block indent.


Date: June 15, 2015


  • Installing PHP 5.6 instead of 5.4 from WebPlatformInstaller if there is no PHP yet.


  • FTP/SFTP library updated.
  • Project publish not allowed during debug, fixes issues with Visual Studio not responding.


  • Missing description of a method is taken from parent declaration.
  • Magic properties shown even if real declaration is not visible.
  • Optimizations.
  • New implementation of code completion.
  • New implementation of function signature help.
  • Code completion pre-selects most recent item.
  • Code completion improvements after backslash, new, global and function.
  • Code completion has WPF tool tips (formatted and coloured).
  • Code completion works better with namespaces.
  • Code completion shows only next part of a namespaced name. Backslash commits and shows the next part.
  • After typing "$" and deleting the "$", completion is dismissed.
  • Editor exception fixes.
  • Minor IntelliSense fixes.
  • Option for enabling/disabling preselection of most recently used member.
  • Better IntelliSense after "use".
  • Fixes of code completion when cursor is between two non-string tokens.
  • Fixes for special function names (echo, empty, isset, __construct, ...).
  • Fix of newly declared variables missing from code completion.
  • Symbol icon in tooltips.


  • Refactoring | Rename in context menu (HTML Editor must be disabled).
  • Drag&Droping files from Windows Explorer opens them.
  • Go To Brace with extending selection (Ctrl+Shift+]).
  • Shift+F12 looks into referenced projects as well.
  • Shift+F12 highlights "new" of corresponding "__construct".
  • Tooltip during debugging fixes.
  • Name of class or interface is coloured.
  • Code completion fixes between a word and variable name.
  • (VS2013+) Matching ' and " is not autocompleted inside strings and comments.
  • New Smart Indent engine (major change).
  • Fixes.
  • Snippets are formatted after insertion.
  • Fix of cases where VS shows error dialog after deleting portion of code.


  • When generating PHPDoc (after typing /**), selection is placed over 'summary' text.
  • Syntax in PHPDoc comments is highlighted (type names, variable names, tags, delimiters).
  • Colours of PHPDoc syntax in Tools | Options | Fonts and Colors, PHP Doc ...

Code Validation

  • Closure is callable.
  • compact() function handled.
  • Fix of duplicitous warning messages.
  • Fix of duplicitous error messages.
  • Fix of foreach variable warnings, Iterator objects allowed, strings not.

Refactoring | BETA

  • After changing an identifier name, smart tag (Ctrl+.) with rename action is displayed.
  • Smart tag for rename allows to show preview.
  • Variables, labels, types, interfaces, functions, methods, fields, constants, class constants.
  • Rename dialog (Ctrl+R,R).
  • Fix of cases where renamed identifier is a part of string or with prefixed namespaces.


  • Other test errors (syntax error, unknown class etc.) handled.
  • Other PHPUnit output noted in Output window.


  • Variable '$user' can be watched.


  • The extension is installed for all users.


  • Composer integration fixes.
  • Replace property in composer.json handled.