Date: June 28, 2021

  • new auto-import on code completion
    • configurable in Tools / Options - Text Editor / PHP / IntelliSense
    • automatically adds use alias or inserts fully qualified name
  • completion filtering with letters
  • completion inserts fully qualified name if there would be a conflict with existing alias
  • completion tooltip does not show URLs information (they can't be clicked anyways)
  • (VS 2019) completion shows full namespace for symbols that will be imported
  • fixes slow startup time and notification by Visual Studio
  • fixes incorrectly underlined errors in PHP Editor
  • more undocumented .phpstorm.meta notation supported (e.g. & as a type separator)
  • notification InfoBar about expired license
  • optimizations
  • freeze fixes


Date: June 17, 2021

  • Common Project System provides Ctrl+F5 functionality
  • PHP installed as a part of XAMPP can be used by projects
  • integrated composer gets updated to version 2
  • Tools/Options/PHP Tools UI layout cleanups
  • fixes editor highlighting occurences
  • updated PHP 5.4 installer

PHP diagnostics

  • restrict $GLOBALS use in PHP 8.1
  • use of [] in read expression

Legacy VS Support

  • fixed smart tags and corresponding VS crashes in VS 2010 - 2015
  • fixed VS2010 - VS2015 support (some configurations have a missing DLL)
  • re-enabled smart tag actions in VS2015


Date: June 4, 2021

  • short-open-tag directive read from php.ini when using built-in PHP
  • added project property <ShortOpenTag>true</ShortOpenTag> to force enable short open tags
  • optimizes background tasks
  • Debug fixes for globals in Watch window
  • Updated PHP builds
  • Updated networking protocols

Visual Studio 2019 fixes

  • reflects VS 16.10 API updates
  • fixes PHP Editor with custom file extension
  • Common Project System (CPS) option enabled in New|Project|PHP Web Project
  • fixes cursor color in Regex Tool Window in Dark Theme
  • Regex editor fixes for double-quoted strings


Date: May 25, 2021

  • fixes invalid path in Test Explorer
  • fixes errors in case of invalid paths in project system
  • fixes debug being terminated in exception handling
  • eval() has tooltip


Date: May 15, 2021

  • PHP 8.1
    • new enum syntax, icons in navigation, IntelliSense, tooltips
    • octal number notation
    • never return type, highlighting, analysis and checks
  • completion: static functions listed after $this-> as well
  • fixes


Date: May 10, 2021

Regex Editor (VS 2019)

  • Regular expression inside preg_*** function or HEREDOC is colorized and highlighted
  • Regular expression provides brace matching
  • Quick action Regex Designer on regex opens Regex Tool Window
  • Regex Tool Window panel with regex analysis, sync with code
  • Regex Tool Window shows defined groups
  • Regex Tool Window allows to test agains a test subject, shows detailed matches
  • More information at the documentation

PHP 8.1 (dev)

  • development version of PHP 8.1 can be installed automatically


  • (VS 2017) Test Explorer support Open Folder projects
  • Updated Xdebug and PHP releases.
  • updated publish protocols to the latest

Fixes and Improvements

  • code action for getter/setter annotates type hints correctly
  • correct project name in Text Explorer
  • Composer dependencies tree fixes and improvements
  • (VS 2017, VS 2019) fixes Folder Project handling
  • general optimizations and fixes
  • HEREDOC parsing fixes
  • named parameters fixes for built-in functions with unusual parameter names