Date: March 6, 2018

  • Fix of Test Explorer when runing tests without phpunit.config.
  • Warn a user when he saves a file about data loss if he's saving in the encoding which doesn't include needed characters
  • Fix of Legacy Import from Existing Code option
  • When copy/paste we do not display error message of malformated html document.
  • Reading php.ini short_open_tag option and parse the code accordingly when PHP build-in server is used.
  • vararg @param type hint treated as array type as well


  • Twig support optimizations and improvements.
  • Minor fix when non existing filter is used.


Date: February 26, 2018

  • Reporting of PHP4 style constructs deprecation.
  • IntelliSense handles files changed outside IDE.
  • Refactoring of indirectly used constants.
  • Refactoring improvements and fixes.
  • Fix of VS startup freezing.
  • Fix for Visual Studio 2017 15.6.0 Preview 1.0 (and newer).
  • Fix of Test Explorer with custom non-standard phpunit config.
  • Fix of possible deadlock when used with Resharper.


  • Twig split view UI improvements.
  • Twig split view can be disabled in options.
  • Twig design view (experimental).
  • Twig design view macros and imports (experimental).

Twig (VS2017)

  • Twig blocks work inside CSS blocks.


  • Fix: Hovering on function arguments or initializers could alter execution of the program.
  • Fix: Debugger didn't step after hiting a breakpoint set in the first statement of the program.
  • Minor remote debugging improvements.


  • Fix: HTML formatting eats whitespace when triming text elements.
  • Support for structure guide lines in VS2017.


  • Fixes Install New package dialog when number of results is greater than 750.

Smarty (VS2015 and newer)

  • Optimizations and other enhancements.
  • Smarty blocks work inside CSS blocks.