Date: July 26, 2021

  • new Project from Composer project template
  • new Project from Remote project template
  • new WordPress project template
  • new Project Fixes Wizard
  • automatic project fix asks for elevated rights just once
  • fixes occasional missing project properties content
  • fixes crash when opening certain UNC paths
  • fixes crash when there is no PHP and it's a fresh new installation
  • fixes occasional UI freezes on VS project load
  • fixes crashes during working with Drupal projects
  • stability fixes

Visual Studio 2022 PREVIEW 2 support

  • Requires Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2
  • Requires ASPNET Web Development Workload


  • editor brace matching color respects user settings
  • context aware keywords in code completion
  • highlighting of contextual keywords (break, continue, return, yield)


Date: July 14, 2021

New Features

  • new New Web Project Wizard
  • new From Existing Code Wizard
  • new integration into File / New / Project From Existing Code
  • Project From Existing Code allows to create project from remote source
  • added context menu command Add / New / New PHP Script
  • since Visual Studio 2019: Common Project System (CPS) used by default
  • Publish functionality added to the new CPS project type


  • the new project wizard verifies and updates configurations
  • code completion sorts the variables by its name, so they are next to other items with the same name
  • code completion preselection prefers variables and local symbols
  • publish/download tries to reconnect automatically when connection is lost
  • debugger fixes and improvements
  • integrated composer updates
  • enabled a few more features without activation
  • performance improvements


  • improved extension startup
  • removed forgotten and unused PHPUnit menu commands
  • fixed menu icons on VS 2019
  • debugger stability fixes
  • stability fixes