October 2022 (version 1.69)

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Welcome to the October 2022 release of PHP Tools for Visual Studio!

Interface and Enum Colors

Newly, the PHP Editor respects Visual Studio colors for Interface and Enum. In the next update, we'll be adding colors for Type Parameters as well. To change the colors, go to Tools/Options, Environment, Fonts and Colors.

type colors

New Diagnostics

We have added and updated a lot of code diagnostics, mostly based on your feedback! Please see the list below:

  • New PHP 8.2 compatibility diagnostics.
  • There is a diagnostic for invalid use of break; or continue when they are out of the allowed scope.
  • Diagnostic of code reachability with try/finally was fixed.
  • Diagnostic of function return has been improved in cases, where there is a type hint mixed, but the function does not return anything.
  • Unknown properties get reported (PHP0416).
    • Additionally, there is a new quick fix for unknown property, if there is just a typo in the name.
    • stdClass and classes with __get() magic method are ignored (as specified in the PHP 8.2 RFC).
  • Dynamic properties are reported if there isn't a corresponding __get/__set, or @property annotation.
  • Duplicate field declaration reported.
  • Duplicate class constant declaration reported.
  • foreach control variables can be annotated with a DocBlock.
  • Reporting anonymous functions with unused use variables.
  • Reporting anonymous function' use variable is not initialized.
  • Reporting of empty namespaces.
  • Checking that value from a function returning void is being used.
  • Reports accessing a property on void.
  • Checks expressions in string interpolation are convertible to string.
  • Checks that type of a property is defined.
  • Checks too many arguments passed to a function.
  • Check for duplicate modifiers in function, property, or constructor property declaration.


We're constantly improving features based on your feedback! So thank you all for your messages, and here is the list of the most noticeable fixes:

  • Fixed return type check when type hint is void.
  • We have fixed the incorrect duplicate key check in the case of enum' case values. (#658).
  • Fixed code analysis not getting results when there was a specific case of recursion.
  • Publishing handles case, when deleted file was already deleted on the server.
  • Fixes internal error in Code Lenses, when a file is opened outside the project.
  • Fixes color of @ inside Doc Comment incorrectly recognized as a PHPDoc keyword.