PHP Tools licenses are free for open-source projects

With PHP Tools and Visual Studio Community 2022 developers get a powerful PHP development environment for their open-source projects at no cost!

Our Open-source Licenses allow you to use both PHP Tools for Visual Studio and PHP Tools for VS Code.

Eligibility requirements

The project must:

  • comply with the open-source definition
  • be an active project for at least three months
  • release updated builds regularly

The project must not receive any funding from commercial organizations or any form of paid sponsorship.

Developers that would like to acquire a PHP Tools Open-source License must:

  • be a developer from the core team of the project
  • be a regular contributor to the project
  • not be paid to work on the project

Developers must not provide paid consulting or training services, nor distribute paid versions of the software.

If you have any questions, please, contact us at