Friday, 17 Sep 2021

Visual Studio 2019: 16.10+ required.

Visual Studio 2022: Preview 4 required.


  • navigable PHPDoc @see annotation
  • code completion after @see keyword
  • memory optimization
  • fixes false positive warning for [] operator
  • improved type analysis
  • type inference of array_pad(), array_fill(), array_flip()
  • stability fixes for project containing large chained expressions


  • adding function breakpoint enhancements
    • filtering by subdirectory (use syntax subdir!typename::methodname)
    • navigates to function breakpoint
    • searches fuctions by partial class name
    • resolves trait methods
    • shows bound state
  • updated bundled PHP 8.0, PHP 8.1

Remote Explorer

  • faster switching profiles
  • fixes publish after switching profiles


Tuesday, 14 Sep 2021

Visual Studio 2019: 16.10+ required.

Visual Studio 2022: Preview 3 required.

  • editor colorizes escaped characters in string literals
  • new command-line project template (Common Project System)
  • faster project run
  • tooltips with more details
  • tooltips provides description of the function return value
  • updated PHP manual localization

Remote Explorer

  • remote browser allows to delete remote file or folder
  • remote profile UI fixes


  • fixes remote debugging when mapping was needed
  • fixes removing and adding breakpoints during debug session
  • function breakpoints (Debug/Windows/Breakpoints - New Function Breakpoint)
  • conditional breakpoints are checked for validity
  • DBGpProxy timeout
  • bug fixes


  • twig fixes
  • publish on save fixes
  • fixes use of readonly keyword in PHP <= 8.0
  • fixes remote explorer' Open and Compare feature
  • fixes VS crash when project folder contains restricted files
  • fixes possible deadlock on solution unload


Friday, 20 Aug 2021

Visual Studio 2019: 16.10+ required.


  • updated PHP manual
  • PHP 8.1 read-only properties, new closure syntax, new in init, and corresponding checks
  • integrated PHP manual with fixed deprecations info and fixed nullable parameter types
  • code formatting deals with rare constructs in switch-case-elseif blocks
  • HTML format fixes


  • more output logging during IIS Express start
  • outputs more information in debug output (see docs)

Remote Explorer

  • deleted items are slightly dimmed


  • internal optimizations
  • fixes IntelliSense updates when folders are changed externally
  • fixes rare UI freezes on project load
  • fixes rare freeze on VS load
  • fixes debug launch in case VS is not authorized to access php.ini
  • updated networking libraries
  • updated WebPI feed with fixes to PHP 5.4


Thursday, 12 Aug 2021

Remote Explorer Window

  • preview of local changes
  • remote host explorer
  • opening and browsing files on remote host
  • comparing local changes with server
  • downloading subfolders/files into a local folder
  • undoing local changes
  • upload files with Drag&Drop from Windows Explorer to Remote Browser


  • PHP - Variable themed color
  • class name themed color
  • PHP - Label new color (gets bold)
  • Peek Window fix for files that are not yet opened
  • improves code completion hinting


  • allows to disable exception breakpoints during a debugging session
  • provides more exceptions information
  • exception breakpoint filtering


  • icons in tooltips respect the Visual Studio theme
  • fix of legacy Microsoft Publish process
  • fixes Difference Viewer on VS 2022
  • highlighting and refactoring of symbols within <?= ?> tags
  • fixes occasional freeze/deadlock
  • Activation Window UI fix for Windows 11
  • fixes falsely reported missing composer packages
  • fixes PHP Error Log Output
  • fixes use of IIS and IIS Express
  • fixes use of IIS Express on Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013


Monday, 26 Jul 2021
  • new Project from Composer project template
  • new Project from Remote project template
  • new WordPress project template
  • new Project Fixes Wizard
  • automatic project fix asks for elevated rights just once
  • fixes occasional missing project properties content
  • fixes crash when opening certain UNC paths
  • fixes crash when there is no PHP and it's a fresh new installation
  • fixes occasional UI freezes on VS project load
  • fixes crashes during working with Drupal projects
  • stability fixes

Visual Studio 2022 PREVIEW 2 support

  • Requires Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2
  • Requires ASPNET Web Development Workload


  • editor brace matching color respects user settings
  • context aware keywords in code completion
  • highlighting of contextual keywords (break, continue, return, yield)


Wednesday, 14 Jul 2021

New Features

  • new New Web Project Wizard
  • new From Existing Code Wizard
  • new integration into File / New / Project From Existing Code
  • Project From Existing Code allows to create project from remote source
  • added context menu command Add / New / New PHP Script
  • since Visual Studio 2019: Common Project System (CPS) used by default
  • Publish functionality added to the new CPS project type


  • the new project wizard verifies and updates configurations
  • code completion sorts the variables by its name, so they are next to other items with the same name
  • code completion preselection prefers variables and local symbols
  • publish/download tries to reconnect automatically when connection is lost
  • debugger fixes and improvements
  • integrated composer updates
  • enabled a few more features without activation
  • performance improvements


  • improved extension startup
  • removed forgotten and unused PHPUnit menu commands
  • fixed menu icons on VS 2019
  • debugger stability fixes
  • stability fixes


Monday, 28 Jun 2021
  • new auto-import on code completion
    • configurable in Tools / Options - Text Editor / PHP / IntelliSense
    • automatically adds use alias or inserts fully qualified name
  • completion filtering with letters
  • completion inserts fully qualified name if there would be a conflict with existing alias
  • completion tooltip does not show URLs information (they can't be clicked anyways)
  • (VS 2019) completion shows full namespace for symbols that will be imported
  • fixes slow startup time and notification by Visual Studio
  • fixes incorrectly underlined errors in PHP Editor
  • more undocumented .phpstorm.meta notation supported (e.g. & as a type separator)
  • notification InfoBar about expired license
  • optimizations
  • freeze fixes


Thursday, 17 Jun 2021
  • Common Project System provides Ctrl+F5 functionality
  • PHP installed as a part of XAMPP can be used by projects
  • integrated composer gets updated to version 2
  • Tools/Options/PHP Tools UI layout cleanups
  • fixes editor highlighting occurences
  • updated PHP 5.4 installer

PHP diagnostics

  • restrict $GLOBALS use in PHP 8.1
  • use of [] in read expression

Legacy VS Support

  • fixed smart tags and corresponding VS crashes in VS 2010 - 2015
  • fixed VS2010 - VS2015 support (some configurations have a missing DLL)
  • re-enabled smart tag actions in VS2015


Friday, 4 Jun 2021
  • short-open-tag directive read from php.ini when using built-in PHP
  • added project property <ShortOpenTag>true</ShortOpenTag> to force enable short open tags
  • optimizes background tasks
  • Debug fixes for globals in Watch window
  • Updated PHP builds
  • Updated networking protocols

Visual Studio 2019 fixes

  • reflects VS 16.10 API updates
  • fixes PHP Editor with custom file extension
  • Common Project System (CPS) option enabled in New|Project|PHP Web Project
  • fixes cursor color in Regex Tool Window in Dark Theme
  • Regex editor fixes for double-quoted strings


Tuesday, 25 May 2021
  • fixes invalid path in Test Explorer
  • fixes errors in case of invalid paths in project system
  • fixes debug being terminated in exception handling
  • eval() has tooltip


Saturday, 15 May 2021
  • PHP 8.1
    • new enum syntax, icons in navigation, IntelliSense, tooltips
    • octal number notation
    • never return type, highlighting, analysis and checks
  • completion: static functions listed after $this-> as well
  • fixes


Monday, 10 May 2021

Regex Editor (VS 2019)

  • Regular expression inside preg_*** function or HEREDOC is colorized and highlighted
  • Regular expression provides brace matching
  • Quick action Regex Designer on regex opens Regex Tool Window
  • Regex Tool Window panel with regex analysis, sync with code
  • Regex Tool Window shows defined groups
  • Regex Tool Window allows to test agains a test subject, shows detailed matches
  • More information at the documentation

PHP 8.1 (dev)

  • development version of PHP 8.1 can be installed automatically


  • (VS 2017) Test Explorer support Open Folder projects
  • Updated Xdebug and PHP releases.
  • updated publish protocols to the latest

Fixes and Improvements

  • code action for getter/setter annotates type hints correctly
  • correct project name in Text Explorer
  • Composer dependencies tree fixes and improvements
  • (VS 2017, VS 2019) fixes Folder Project handling
  • general optimizations and fixes
  • HEREDOC parsing fixes
  • named parameters fixes for built-in functions with unusual parameter names


Friday, 9 Apr 2021
  • Test Explorer works with Open Folder feature (VS 2019)
  • code action Sort Uses (PSR-12)
  • code action Remove and Sort Uses
  • improved remote debug mapping UI (in Project Properties)
    • local path suggestions
    • path validation
  • improved DBGpProxy UI (in Project Properties)
    • validation and connection verification
  • updated PHP 8 validation, checks the extension php_gd.dll instead of php_gd2.dll
  • reports use of curly braces as error in PHP >= 8.0
  • fixes crashing the app on rare cases with legacy project types


Friday, 2 Apr 2021
  • updated Pico CMS project template (2.1.4)
  • outputs more information during debug in output window
  • reports use of deprecated or not available methods as warnings
  • CPS project template updated
  • updated PHP parser


  • 64-bit PHP 8.0, 7.4, 7.3, and 7.2 available to be selected in project properties
  • 64-bit PHPs get installed automatically
  • corresponding Xdebug extension for 64-bit PHP gets installed automatically
  • if there is no PHP yet, the 64-bit version gets installed by default


  • code action for generating property setter, or getter, or both
  • code action for generating __construct method
  • code action for generating __construct from defined properties
  • correct URL in tooltip over PHPDoc tag


  • shows stack frames of fatal errors
  • navigates to failed line in case of fatal error

Test Explorer

  • lists all the phpunit configurations
  • test projects are correctly named
  • improved performance
  • fixes tests debugging when Xdebug port number is not 9000


Wednesday, 24 Mar 2021
  • Fixes lag when opening code completion.
  • Shows PHP log in Output's Debug pane.
  • Improves code analysis in try/catch.
  • Improves tooltip perf. for variables.
  • Memory optimizations.
  • Fixes phpunit integration when phpunit is required in composer.json.


Thursday, 11 Mar 2021
  • (VS 2019) Option to choose whether to analyse user code and/or vendor folder(s). "User code" only by default.
  • Smart indenting of finally block.
  • Clickable URLs in tool tips.
  • Improves editor responsiveness.
  • Fixes not disapearing signature help in anonymous functions.
  • Fixes error underlining when .editorconfig is applied.
  • Fixes debugger when using Xdebug 3.0.
  • Stability fixes (fixes crash on malformed .editorconfig).
  • Composer integration fixes.
  • Composer window fixes.


Friday, 26 Feb 2021
  • (VS 2019) Fixes of Publish functionality.
  • Reverted asynchronous code completion.
  • Fixes NullReferenceException dialog when renaming files.
  • Fixes crash on opening a project.
  • Fixes crash when working with Drupal projects.
  • (VS 2019) Shows details about indexing PHP files in VS progress status (lower left corner).
  • Improves performance when having composer packages.
  • Improves project load times.
  • Overall performance improvements.
  • Logs details from WebPlatformInstaller process.


Thursday, 18 Feb 2021
  • fixes possible stuck on project load
  • fixes tests run
  • fixes invalid composer failure reported to user
  • allows new project even if PHP cannot be installed
  • updated pcre check
  • updates PHP0423 warning for ambigous functions
  • updates PHP 8.0 installation from WebPI
  • (VS 2019) speedups project open


Wednesday, 17 Feb 2021
  • updated PHP manual with more PHP 8 declarations
  • avoided a few falsely reported problems
  • fixes type analysis for reserved keywords within PHPDoc @return tag
  • more details in tool-tips for built-in type keywords
  • DBGp Proxy support fixes for the server downloaded from the Xdebug home page
  • fixes missing declarations in IntelliSense
  • speedups project load
  • Twig editor fixes.
  • PHPDoc generated above local and global variables.


  • Fixes list of required composer packages.
  • fixes falsely reported composer missing packages warning
  • fixes duplicate composer warning bar
  • fixes composer tree (performance and too many packages listed)


Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021
  • Fixes new project creation.
  • Asynchronous code completion popup.
  • (VS2019) Improves editor responsiveness.
  • Fixes exception during project analysis.
  • Less warnings about suspicious type conversions between string and number.
  • Improves analysis of WordPress code base.
  • Stability fixes.


Wednesday, 3 Feb 2021
  • Colorizing and analysing code in rename refactoring preview.
  • Colorizing code in peek window.
  • Code analysis respects subtypes, trait implementors, and mixins.
  • Improves type analysis of standard functions.
  • Improves type analysis and code analysis of user's code.
  • Avoids some falsely reported warnings.
  • Updated PCRE checks.
  • Improves rename refactoring for fuctions as strings.
  • Validating and automatically enabling PHP extensions in Laravel.
  • Updates Xdebug to 3.0.2. (3.0.0 has issues when unsetting breakpoints)
  • Better tooltip in case it can be either a class or function.
  • Improves phpstorm metadata processing.
  • Optimizations.
  • Stability fixes.
  • Test executor uses correct arguments.


  • Fixes remote debugging with path mapping with spaces.


Friday, 8 Jan 2021

Code Analysis

  • optimizations
  • respects @template annotation in PHPDoc
  • handles inline @var annotation
  • signature help for ambiguous constructors (new \ReflectionMethod)
  • PHPDoc array type with union elements annotation (array<A\B\C>)
  • PHPDoc allows for nullable type annotation (e.g. ?int)
  • improves code analysis, avoids some false positives
  • improves code flow analysis, isset(), is_resource(), and type inference
  • improves analysis for lambda function use variables
  • CLI specific constants and variables are allowed and code completed
  • updates .phpstorm.meta.php parser for type inference
  • does not respect PHP4-style ctor when using PHP 7.1+
  • fixes return check of generator functions
  • fixes check for __clone() magic method, can be private
  • fixes check for array access on \SplObjectStorage
  • fixes case and array key duplicity check for non-printable characters


  • (VS2017, VS2019) Progress UI in lower left corner of VS.
  • (VS2019) Improves type names shown in tool tips.
  • performance optimizations
  • "Go to Implementation" for traits
  • fixes "Go to Implementation" in case of an anonymous class


Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020
  • IntelliSense improvements
  • Warnings consolidations
  • Memory optimizations
  • IIS/Express more HTTP requests methods added to php handlers
  • allows to debug multiple PHP projects
  • fixes Simple CMS template in New Project wizard


Wednesday, 23 Dec 2020
  • support for @mixin annotations
  • fixes IntelliSense of type names in PHPDoc
  • fixes @method tag with $this return type
  • implements Find All References of methods specified in @method tag
  • fixes debugging of PHPUnit Tests (VS 2019 16.8+)
  • fixes crash during processing of composer.json
  • fixes editor exception when getting a tooltip right after opening a file
  • updates PCRE checks


Thursday, 17 Dec 2020
  • fixes type names in generated code and tool tips
  • fixes error during navigating into a PHAR file
  • fixes code analysis of class/interface declaration and overrides
  • fixes test explorer - running selected tests
  • fixes error when processing composer.json


Wednesday, 16 Dec 2020
  • smart indent within match expression
  • updated PHP manual
  • fixes missing die in IntelliSense
  • More code actions for invalid union types
  • More diagnostics for union types
  • Updated PCRE check
  • Updated displayed type names in tool-tips
  • stability fixes
  • test explorer discovery and execution fixes
  • IIS setup improvements


Friday, 4 Dec 2020


  • named arguments code completion (PHP 8)
  • named arguments hover information
  • functions annotated with #[Deprecated] attribute reported in diagnostics
  • diagnostics for matching or unknown named arguments (PHP 8)
  • diagnostics for iterable type hint
  • diagnostics for nullable types
  • diagnostics for union types (PHP 8)
  • null type name within unions (PHP 8)
  • improved .phpstorm.metadata.php annotations
  • shorter type names in tool tips


  • support for Xdebug 3.0 and PHP 8.0 debugging


  • PHP 8.0 can be selected as the project language version
  • PHP 8.0 + Xdebug 3.0 automatic installation
  • Laravel project ide helpers restored automatically
  • IIS support improvements and fixes


Saturday, 21 Nov 2020


  • Updates Error List when .editorconfig changes.
  • PHP 8 mixed type correctly handled in type analysis
  • PHP0418 for use of an undefined method
  • PHP0415 for use of an undefined constant
  • Doctrine @Annotation, and annotation classes in PHPDoc IntelliSense
  • Updated PHP constants information
  • Updated PHP manual translations
  • Performance improvements


  • IIS Express configuration is kept in the local applicationHost.config is possible
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) server support
  • Automatic installation of PHP w/ Xdebug on IIS

VS 2019

  • Performance improved for larger projects with a lot of warnings


Wednesday, 28 Oct 2020


  • New Project wizard improvements.
  • Stability fixes


  • Supports more PHPDoc array syntax conventions
  • Improved analysis of functions returning static
  • Improved analysis of isset()
  • Supports @suppress and @SuppressWarnings PHPDoc tags to ignore specified warnings

VS 2019

  • Fixes possible VS freezing when there is a lot of errors in Error List
  • Project publish fix
  • Colorize @method tag

VS 2012

  • Stability fixes


Friday, 25 Sep 2020
  • PHP 8 new attribute syntax '#[ ... ]'
  • PHP 8 new named arguments syntax (not in IntelliSense yet)
  • Diagnostic for names that can be simplified (PHP6601).
  • Diagnostic for unused parameters in constructors and private functions.
  • Stability fixes


Friday, 18 Sep 2020
  • Stability improvements.


  • PHP 8.0 "match" syntax support (you need to have PHP 8.0 installed)
  • PHP 8.0 "null-safe" operator syntax support
  • Improved type analysis, and bug fixes
  • Improved override resolution analysis
  • "@dataProvider" PHPDoc keyword IntelliSense
  • Updated PCRE syntax and error checking
  • "PHP0437" error respects PHPDoc with "@var $this"

VS 2019

  • Diagnostic suppressions with ".editorconfig"
  • Laravel project template
  • Test Explorer (test discovery) fixes
  • (preview) New project system initial support


Wednesday, 19 Aug 2020
  • (VS 2019) Go To Implementation
  • Code completion after "namespace" keyword
  • Analysis respects "void" in PHPDoc's @return
  • More PHPDoc type error suggestions
  • Analysis of parenthesis expressions fixes
  • Tooltips show correct namespace in some cases


Wednesday, 12 Aug 2020
  • Expandable phar archives in Solution Explorer (fixes for latest formats)


  • Remote PHAR debugging support


  • Improvements and fixes of TLS 1.2, TLS 1.3


  • Analysis enhancements
  • Fixes stability issues
  • Lambda type analysis improvements
  • "iterable" phpdoc type hint
  • "smart action" to add "use" for unknown type in phpdoc
  • Format respects EditorConfig file


Wednesday, 15 Jul 2020
  • Fixed Composer package search.
  • Performance improvements.


  • Fixed PHP Editor initializing IntelliSense forever upon solution open.
  • PHP 8.0 throw expression.
  • Deprecations in deprecated functions not reported.
  • Type analysis improvements for type juggling.
  • Type analysis improvements for PHPDoc @var hinted properties.
  • Type analysis for instanceof.
  • Type analysis when returning static.
  • Fixes occasional nullref exception.
  • Analysis of PHPDoc improvements.
  • Twig editor exception fix.
  • Implement abstract methods for traits respects type hints.

Test Explorer

  • Test discovery fix.


Saturday, 27 Jun 2020
  • fixed activation on VS 2010-2013
  • Enhancements in TLS,SSH protocols
  • Composer engine was refactored, and ready for new project system


  • PHP 8.0 syntax support
  • PHP 8.0 attributes IntelliSense
  • PHP 8.0 constructor property type analysis
  • PHP 8.0 analysis for unsupported syntax
  • newline PCRE options handled


  • Support for PHPUnit 9.0


  • More exceptions in exception list to break on


Wednesday, 27 May 2020


  • Support for debugging PHAR files
  • More robust CLI debugging issues handling


  • Support for PHPUnit 9.0


Tuesday, 5 May 2020
  • New SSH, FTPS, SFTP protocols and encryptions.
  • Updated certificates of installer and binaries
  • Stability fixes
  • Improved High-DPI support (VS 2019)


  • 'use' marked as used if used in PHPDoc
  • Outlining of multi-lined arrays
  • PHPDoc type hints respect current namespace
  • Locals in arrow functions get annotated correctly


Wednesday, 25 Mar 2020
  • Improved High-DPI support (VS 2019)
  • Fix: No composer packages shown in Solution Explorer (VS2019)


Thursday, 5 Mar 2020
  • PCRE syntax check (Visual Studio 2015 and newer)
  • Composer statibility updates
  • WebPI progress is shown in Visual Studio Output pane
  • Support for Visual Studio Code Map during Debug


Wednesday, 5 Feb 2020
  • Twig editor stability updates
  • Internally complies with Twig 3.x
  • VS stability updates
  • Debugger checks for the port availability
  • WebPI update to Xdebug and PHP 7.4 release


Monday, 9 Dec 2019
  • Improved "finally" control flow analysis
  • PHP 7.4 (final) can be installed automatically
  • Smart indent of lambda functions
  • Generated PHPDoc with possible "@throws"
  • Updates to twig & freezing issues for publish-on-save


Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019
  • Updated PHP manual
  • Improved IntelliSense in traits, after use, in PHPDoc
  • Improved publish-on-save
  • Update to issues with publish-on-save


Monday, 14 Oct 2019
  • Publish can run automatically on changed files.
  • Check for not implemented abstract functions
  • Check for trait instantiations
  • Debug watch and watch tooltips allow to edit value of private properties
  • Fixed composer packages integration (VS 2019)
  • Improved tooltips with links to definitions (VS 2019)
  • Improved check for missing composer packages (VS 2019)
  • Stability fixes


Monday, 23 Sep 2019
  • PHP Editor fixes on Visual Studio 2019
  • Editing JS fixes on Visual Studio 2017 and earlier
  • New project from existing code does not force PHP 7.1
  • Circular dependency in traits crash fix
  • Overall performance improvements
  • Overall rare crashes fixes
  • Diagnostic when instantiating a trait.
  • New internal composer integration (VS 2019)
  • Missing composer packages shows infobar instead of dialog (VS 2019)
  • Blade syntax for @section and @yield
  • Substitution of {@inheritdoc} within tooltips
  • {@link} gets displayed in tooltips as hyperlink (VS 2019)


Saturday, 7 Sep 2019
  • Expanding files in solution explorer - added support for user-mapped PHP file types.
  • Installer updated to PHP 7.4 Beta 4, Xdebug updates.
  • Stability fixes.
  • Twig Editor fixes.
  • FTP publish does not stop on response 550.
  • Performance improvements.


Wednesday, 14 Aug 2019
  • Files in Solution Explorer can be expanded.
  • Class aliasing handled by type analysis and IntelliSense
  • Updated IntelliSense glyphs (icons) for traits and aliased class name
  • Improved type analysis of function arguments passed by reference
  • Twig file templates stability fixes
  • More statibility fixes
  • Completion after "use" gets full type names and namespaces.
  • Outlining does not get lost when typing.
  • Files in vendor folder are editable
  • Default location for PublishProfiles changed to .vs subfolder
  • Installer updated to PHP 7.4 Beta 2


Thursday, 18 Jul 2019
  • performance improvements
  • unpack operator type check
  • phpstorm meta container improvements (array access and type hierarchy)
  • Web Platform Installer provides log with failure details

PHP 7.4

  • PHP 7.4 support
  • arrow functions, typed properties, spread array, ??= operator, underscores in numbers
  • PHP 7.4 features reported when using an older PHP
  • PHP 7.4 features analysis, type analysis, problems analysis
  • Built-in PHP 7.4 alpha 3, automatic online installation


Thursday, 11 Jul 2019
  • VS 2019: New project dialog lists "PHP" language.
  • offline activation dialog fix for long codes
  • twig editor fixes


  • improved code analysis of numbers and conditions
  • support for metadata from .phpstorm.meta.php file/folder
  • less strict analysis of use of uninitialized variables
  • analysis of duplicit function parameters
  • analysis of magic methods
  • completion after use gets fully qualified names


Monday, 1 Jul 2019
  • update explode() signature
  • update microtime() signature
  • Oxid framework support
  • Catch variable analysis


Thursday, 27 Jun 2019
  • new diagnostics: unused variables, array constants (PHP5), unset cast
  • improved analysis of lambda functions
  • more details IntelliSense for lambda functions and its params
  • support for PHPDoc above lambda functions
  • updated IntelliSense tool tip texts
  • project load and general performance optimizations
  • Composer self update fixes
  • VS2019: Mouse click to go to definition.


Monday, 17 Jun 2019
  • Updated PHP manual and translations.
  • Validation of value passed to define()
  • Validation of define() for PHP >= 7.3
  • VS2019: highlighting inside Watch and Conditional Breakpoints.


Thursday, 23 May 2019
  • Updated PHP manual for PHP 7.3, PHP 7.4.
  • Updated PHP functions signature.


Friday, 10 May 2019
  • Performance fixes for projects with composer packages


  • Disabled warning PHP0424 when passing an object in foreach
  • IntelliSense of use params within lambda function
  • Minor IntelliSense fixes


  • Twig editor fixes


  • Automatic installation of PHP 7.3 with Xdebug
  • Xdebug auto update to 2.7.2 for PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2
  • Xdebug auto update to 2.6.1 for PHP 7.0


  • Reimplemented PHP Editor using new API
  • Browser selector enabled
  • Script debugging toggle enabled


Friday, 1 Mar 2019
  • PHPDoc improvements and fixes
  • Updated PHP manual
  • Debugger logs when proxy/VPN or other software interupts debug session
  • Other fixes


Friday, 8 Feb 2019


  • Experimental release for VS2019
  • Using new error list API - providing solution wide list of errors and issues
  • Asynchronous loading of packages
  • QuickInfo and code actions are asynchronous now


Friday, 18 Jan 2019
  • PHPDoc for local variables and globals.
  • Unknown function code suggestion to add $this-> (will be more in future).
  • Editor exceptions fixes.
  • PHPUnit 7 support
  • Fix: Changes outside of VS causes IntelliSense to forget some types


  • Chrome JS Debugger supported (VS2017 and VS2019)


Monday, 22 Oct 2018
  • PHP up to 7.3 warnings: trailing commas, list ref assignment, instanceof with literal.
  • Code analysis improvements
  • Renaming of a name within 'use' statement
  • Renaming of a class within a namespace
  • Renaming of a file with a class asks for automatic refactoring


Monday, 24 Sep 2018


  • Implement Interface/overrides respects base's return type.
  • Options for implement Interface/overrides to not generate PHPDoc.
  • Options for implement Interface/overrides to not generate TODO comment.

Code Validation

  • is_callable() analysis.
  • More PHPDoc suggestions.


  • Formatting code with syntax errors is not allowed.
  • Smarty syntax and colorization.

PHAR Inspector

  • PHAR inspector supports gz compressed entries.
  • PHAR inspector reads files not included in the project.
  • PHAR inspector optimizations.


Monday, 20 Aug 2018

Code Validation

  • __tostring() return type diagnostic.
  • Unified diagnostic codes.


  • Option to disable collapsing of comments by default.
  • Drag&drop does not corrupt code indentation.
  • Twig editor fixes.


  • The condition expression in conditional breakpoint is casted to bool implicitly.
  • Inspecting expression avoids "cannot get property" error.


Tuesday, 24 Jul 2018
  • Blade templating integration fixes and improvements.
  • Twig templating handles extensions from referenced projects.
  • More UI localizations.
  • Possible deadlock fix, hanging during project load.


  • IntelliSense respects "include_path" option in project properties.
  • Description of properties from @var tag.

Code Validation

  • Code validation warning for array to string conversion.
  • Code validation improvements for 'setlocale'.
  • Validation of using '$this' outside a valid context.
  • Validation of throw argument which must be Exception or Throwable.
  • Validation of type after implements keyword.
  • tostring, construct, __destruct return types check.


  • Editing long string values in debug.


Monday, 28 May 2018
  • PHP 7.2 automatic installation.
  • Xdebug updates for older PHP frameworks.
  • Custom server form respects properties window size.
  • Fix of freezing when opening certain SMB mapped projects.

Code Validation

  • password_hash not deprecated, just its parameter.


  • STDIN,STDOUT,STDERR in IntelliSense of CLI projects.

Blade (VS2015+)

  • Reimplemented Blade Template Engine support.

Twig (VS2015+)

  • Custom filter quick info enhanced.
  • Twig parent() function enabled in design split view.
  • Fix: extends keyword help.
  • Twig extensions analyzed even in references.


  • Fix: When pasting formating gets messed up.
  • Fix: Browser selector works in VS 15.7.0 and later.


Wednesday, 11 Apr 2018
  • New project wizard when creating PHP Web Project.
  • New project template for Simple CMS (based on PicoCMS).
  • Code Analysis CPU improvements.
  • @method with "static" supported.


  • Checking expressions validity before sending them to Xdebug


  • New snippets (#region, #todo, @phpdoc_tag).
  • F1 supported for phpdoc tags.
  • Custom snippets showed in completion lists.
  • "echo" keyword occurances (F1, F12, semantic highlighting, do not allow refactoring).


  • Partial localization to major languages (de, es, fr, ja, pt-br, ro, ru, tr, zh).
  • PHP manual localized to major languages.


  • Editor optimizations.
  • Fix of multiline comments.


  • Editor optimizations.
  • Fix: Completion list showed twice when Ctrl+Space pressed.
  • Fix: Code preview did not show some generated code.

Code Validation

  • Report warnings for duplicate array key in array initializer.
  • void reported as invalid in @param, @var, @property.
  • Type name "\" is ignored by CFG, but reported.


Tuesday, 6 Mar 2018
  • Fix of Test Explorer when runing tests without phpunit.config.
  • Warn a user when he saves a file about data loss if he's saving in the encoding which doesn't include needed characters
  • Fix of Legacy Import from Existing Code option
  • When copy/paste we do not display error message of malformated html document.
  • Reading php.ini short_open_tag option and parse the code accordingly when PHP build-in server is used.
  • vararg @param type hint treated as array type as well


  • Twig support optimizations and improvements.
  • Minor fix when non existing filter is used.


Monday, 26 Feb 2018
  • Reporting of PHP4 style constructs deprecation.
  • IntelliSense handles files changed outside IDE.
  • Refactoring of indirectly used constants.
  • Refactoring improvements and fixes.
  • Fix of VS startup freezing.
  • Fix for Visual Studio 2017 15.6.0 Preview 1.0 (and newer).
  • Fix of Test Explorer with custom non-standard phpunit config.
  • Fix of possible deadlock when used with Resharper.


  • Twig split view UI improvements.
  • Twig split view can be disabled in options.
  • Twig design view (experimental).
  • Twig design view macros and imports (experimental).

Twig (VS2017)

  • Twig blocks work inside CSS blocks.


  • Fix: Hovering on function arguments or initializers could alter execution of the program.
  • Fix: Debugger didn't step after hiting a breakpoint set in the first statement of the program.
  • Minor remote debugging improvements.


  • Fix: HTML formatting eats whitespace when triming text elements.
  • Support for structure guide lines in VS2017.


  • Fixes Install New package dialog when number of results is greater than 750.

Smarty (VS2015 and newer)

  • Optimizations and other enhancements.
  • Smarty blocks work inside CSS blocks.


Thursday, 14 Dec 2017
  • PHP parser fixes.
  • Improved deprecations analysis.
  • Find references improvements.
  • Various stability enhancements.


  • Fix of Test Explorer for custom phpunit config.


Tuesday, 28 Nov 2017
  • Underlining deprecated PHP constructs.
  • Updated IntelliSense database to latest PHP manual.
  • "object" type hint fix.


Sunday, 26 Nov 2017
  • IntelliSense improvements for F1 and GoToDef, not showing duplicities.
  • Memory usage optimizations.
  • Experimental .phar file navigation and debug features.
  • Various UI enhancements on high DPI displays.
  • Refactoring fixes.
  • Crash fixes of PHP parser.
  • Crash fixes when running composer with IIS Express.


  • Implemented Twig Editor for .twig files.
  • Twig code colorization, mixture of HTML/JS/CSS/Twig supported.
  • Highlighting of identifier under cursor and its occurances.
  • Contextual IntelliSense, Code Completion, F1 Help and Go To Definition.
  • Tool Tip Text for Twig constructs, variables and keywords.
  • Code Outlining for Twig blocks, constructs and macros.
  • Syntax checking with error underlining.
  • Detection of Twig framework and eventual automatic installation into the project.
  • Twig Split View, providing view on generated PHP code and mapping between generated PHP and Twig.


Friday, 18 Aug 2017
  • UTF detection improvements.


  • Breakpoints displays hit counts.
  • Hit Count breakpoints (equal | greater than or equal | is multiple of) supported.
  • Conditional breakpoints support 'when changed' conditions.
  • Supported break on first statement (F10, F11).
  • "When Hit" breakpoints supported (Tracepoints).


  • Added support for DGBp proxy.


  • PHPUnit 6.x supported.
  • PHPUnit version detected from composer.json.
  • Custom PHPUnit can be used.
  • PHPUnit is bundled in case.
  • Compatible PHPUnit engine choosen according to selected PHP runtime.


  • Experimental support for Visual Studio 2017
  • Fix: Unable to discover tests.
  • Fix: Smarty files didn't work in Update 3.


Friday, 24 Mar 2017
  • PHP 7.1 automatic installation.
  • Xdebug updated.
  • Startup speed improvements.
  • Updated PHP parser
  • Minor fixes
  • Respecting primitive types in PHP < 7.0
  • Parsing files from disk respects system encoding and detects UTF


  • Inserting snippet indenting fix when there are tabs.
  • Nodes outside the current namespace are listed in the completition set as well together with warning icon.


  • Autogenerate the use statement for selected class.
  • Suggestions added for unknown types in PHPDoc.
  • Short name suggestions for types.
  • Unknown type handling added for trait uses, return types and catch variable types.

Smarty (VS2015 and newer)

  • Smarty has its dedicated editor.
  • Smarty delimiters can be modified in project properties.
  • Javascript and CSS integration.
  • Fixes of some edge cases.
  • Fixes a syntax error exception.
  • Installation suggestion for smarty composer package.
  • Include snippet added.
  • Break and continue keywords added.


  • Experimental support for Visual Studio 2017
  • Fix: failed to open PHP project
  • Removed Nuget support for PHP projects


Monday, 23 Jan 2017
  • Fix of Class View not being loaded.
  • Fix of toolbars and menus displayed when a Smarty file is opened.

Smarty (VS2015 and newer)

  • More tolerant syntax checker.
  • New Keyword.
  • Fix of Smarty editor exception messages.


  • Experimental support for Visual Studio 2017 RC


Tuesday, 17 Jan 2017


  • PHP interfaces in integrated PHP manual updated.
  • Light bulbs in VS 2015 and newer instead of legacy smart tags.
  • Fix of Visual Studio freezes.


  • Crash fix for VS2017RC.

Smarty (VS2015 and newer)

  • Smarty code colorization.
  • Smarty autocompetion of pair keywords (pressing Tab).
  • Smarty IntelliSense for keywords, multiword keywords, functions, modifiers and variables.
  • IntelliSense analyses PHP source code for user defined variables.
  • Basic Smarty syntactic error checking.
  • Smarty tooltips for functions and modifiers.
  • Support for Go To Definition (pressing F12) for smarty variables, functions and modifiers.
  • Smarty syntax verification and errors underlining.


  • Improved new Composer package dialog (displays more relevant information).
  • Dialog shows amount of package downloads and stars.
  • Abandoned packages have warning note.
  • License and publish date is shown.
  • Faster packagist repository loading.


  • Experimental support for Visual Studio 2017 RC


Thursday, 8 Dec 2016
  • PHP 7.1 syntax support.
  • Improved PHP 7.0 syntax support.
  • Parsing and tokenization fixes.
  • Rare OutOfMemoryException fix, less memory needed for value analysis.
  • Composer UI fixes.


  • If possible, value of expression is displayed in tooltip.
  • Code colorization of keywords fixes.
  • Smart indent after a function fixes.


  • PHP 7 anonymous classes support improvements.

Code Validation

  • PHP compatibility code validation.
  • Duplicit switch cases validation.
  • Unnecessary 'use' is dimmed in source code.


  • Manual mapping fixes.


  • Experimental support for Visual Studio 2017 RC


Wednesday, 12 Oct 2016
  • PHP 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 syntax support.
  • PHP 7 return type hints.
  • High DPI support improved.
  • Editing in compare window supported.
  • Warnings about unsupported functions, classes, constants and constructs.
  • Warnings about duplicit case labels within switch.
  • Compatibility warnings for PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0


  • Signature help is colorized.
  • Tooltip shows return type to the right of function header.
  • IntelliSense localization in Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Formatting and editor fixes.


  • Manual path mapping supported.


  • Updates to project system, stability and features fixes.
  • Open Command Prompt, Copy Full Path command added.
  • Added many web development relevant file templates (JSON, bower, grunt, gulp, angularjs, jsx).
  • Fix: Renaming file extension of php item template wasn't possible in the New File dialog.
  • Fix: Issues when making changes to the projects outside of VS.


Monday, 18 Jul 2016
  • Fix of an exception message during project load.


Tuesday, 5 Jul 2016
  • Updated integrated manual to latest.
  • Complete descriptions of builtin PHP symbols.
  • IntelliSense provides help for DOTNET, COM, mysqli* symbols.
  • Support for Project Home different than Project Directory.
  • Formatting of lambda functions.
  • Smart indent of lambda functions.
  • Fixes of internal exceptions.
  • Fixed "Bad Length" within the activation process.
  • Automatic update of Xdebug and PHP 5 if possible.
  • Automatic installation of PHP 7 if selected (syntax not fully supported yet).


Thursday, 28 Apr 2016
  • Fixed Import Dialog crash when Project path is invalid.
  • (VS2013) Update in VS2013 notification fix.
  • (VS2015) EXPERIMENTAL - Mixed HTML/CSS/JS/PHP formatting.
  • (VS2015) Fixes for code formatting.
  • Improved smart indent when cursor is between { and }.
  • Improved IntelliSense when there are both @property PHPDoc and field declaration.
  • Error List shows syntax errors from files not included in a project as well.
  • Smart Tag for Implement Abstract Members implements interfaces and base types as well.
  • Fix of VS crash in Interpreters dialog.


Tuesday, 29 Mar 2016
  • Fixed VS crashes when using IIS without having IIS installed.
  • HTML formatting on paste fix.
  • Wordwrap can be enabled/disabled using Ctrl+E,W.
  • (VS2015) Laravel @foreach @endforeach.
  • IIS Express project uses configuration from existing binding if any.
  • Fix of interpreters dialog crashing VS in case of an unexpected php.exe version string.


Monday, 29 Feb 2016
  • Running tests within a project in a solution folder fix.
  • Composer handles plugin API correctly.
  • Find All References looks into whole project.
  • "switch" snippet updated.
  • Workaround for crash issue with SassyStudio.


Friday, 19 Feb 2016
  • General improvements and fixes.
  • HighDPI UI improvements.
  • Code Definition Window.
  • Web Platform Installer utilization improvements.
  • Memory usage optimization.


  • Per-project PHP version setting.
  • IIS Express server improvements and fixes
  • IIS Express with support for SSL site.
  • IIS Express works even if there isn't IIS.
  • Improved server configuration validation.
  • Option to automatically download and install selected PHP version.
  • PHPRC environment variable set correctly.
  • Option to set Web Root other than project directory.


  • Performance optimizations.


  • Split Window fixes.
  • HTML+PHP selection format fixes.
  • (VS2010 - VS1013) Fix of code formatting when there is CSS or JS.
  • Class item template with a namespace.


  • Switching between PHP and Phalanger seamlessly (requires Phalanger Tools).


Friday, 15 Jan 2016


  • TLS 1.2 enhancements.
  • Enhanced interactive authentication support.
  • Support X509 certificate host key algorithm in SFTP


Tuesday, 5 Jan 2016


  • Fix of crash when smart tag action resulted in exception.


  • Fix of activation issue when firewall doesn't allow us to reach license server.


Wednesday, 23 Dec 2015


  • comment/uncomment fixes.
  • comment/uncomment at begining of line works.
  • comment/uncomment of selection with HTML/PHP handled properly.
  • (VS2015) Split window fixes.
  • (VS2015) Fix of corrupted HTML when pasting code or formatting selection.
  • formatting selection (e.g. on paste) fix.


  • Fix of Visual Studio crash when php.exe version is in an unexpected format.


  • Fix of activation issue when current user account was not configured to allow delegation.


Thursday, 29 Oct 2015


  • (VS2015) fix of crash when Microsoft ASP.NET and Web Tools 2015 (Beta8) is installed.
  • Automatic format after semicolon closing a colon block (endif; endswitch; endfor; endforeach; endwhile;).
  • Outlining of colon blocks.
  • Outlining of try/catch/finally blocks.
  • Colorization of true/false/null as keywords (blue).
  • Fix of IntelliSense not containing symbols from composer packages.


  • Update of file transfer protocol library.


Thursday, 15 Oct 2015


  • Fix of loading the extension into Visual Studio.


  • Major editor performance improvement for large files.
  • (VS2015) Overlapping JavaScript/CSS with PHP code colorizes now.
  • Fix of error underlining location.


  • Fix of crash in case of circular dependency in unused packages.


  • Introducing Devsense.PHP.Nodes.dll.


Friday, 2 Oct 2015
  • From Existing Code project template.
  • (VS2015) Fix of Text Explorer - listing and running tests works in VS RC without admin.


  • PHPDoc above local variable works even without @var.
  • @ignore PHPDoc tag above a local variable avoids reporting it as unused.


  • (VS2015) Fix of lost PHP code colorization after HTML code edit.
  • Fix of tool tips during debugging.
  • Fix of HTML formatter.
  • Fix of code analysis crash of huge complex functions.
  • (VS2015) Laravel blade templating experimental support.


  • (VS2015) Fix of Autos Window.


Friday, 25 Sep 2015


  • Correct completion of aliases and use of aliased namespaces.
  • IntelliSense inside PHPDoc for type hints and PHPDoc tags.
  • Code completion after "new" looks at function signature to preselect class name.
  • F1 onto user-defined function/class/constant looks into @link PHPDoc and opens it if any.
  • Fix of IntelliSense update for files out of PHP project.


  • When renaming a file from Solution Explorer, user is prompted to refactor name of contained class.


  • Option to outline code blocks (if, switch, case, for, foreach).
  • Navigate To (Ctrl+,) looks into referenced packages as well.
  • PHPDoc tags colorization and completion fixes.
  • Fix of Go To Brace (Ctrl+]).
  • Editor fixes.
  • Option to reformat line of code after moved using Alt+Up/Down (VS2013 and later).
  • Editor performance improvements.
  • 'elseif' in IntelliSense and snippet.
  • 'Operator' color is customizable.
  • Major editor engine change.
  • Fix of brace completion within strings and comments.
  • Fix of signature helper bolding wrong parameter after comma.
  • Fix of smart indentation after mixture of HTML and PHP.


  • Colorization of HEREDOC and NOWDOC with XML or HTML code.
  • Outlining of HEREDOC and NOWDOC content.
  • Background color for HEREDOC and NOWDOC content.

HTML Editor

  • Visual Studio 2015 HTML Editor.
  • Fixes (VS2015 only) - outlining, items in context menu.


  • Fixes for importing/upgrading wizard.
  • Visual Studio 2010 fixes - Options Dialog crash, Smart Indent.


Friday, 14 Aug 2015
  • Fix of Options Dialog when php.ini contains an invalid path.
  • Fix of PHP Web Project for Microsoft Platforms couldn't be published


  • Fix of parser when file contains 'else:' construct.
  • Fix of lost outlining while editing code.
  • Fix of snippets completion.
  • Fix of editor internal exceptions.


  • phpunit.xml.dist in Core or Tests directories set as test configuration automatically.


Tuesday, 21 Jul 2015


  • Stability fix.
  • Document format fix.
  • Smart Indent fix after "\something;".


  • Test Explorer fix Visual Studio 2015.


Thursday, 9 Jul 2015


  • Optimizations.
  • Fix of syntax errors below DOC comments.
  • Go to brace (Ctrl+]) scrolls window to new cursor position.
  • Smart indent fixes within PHPDoc.
  • Smart indent fixes after do{}while();.

Code Validation

  • Assignment to the same variable warnings fix.


  • Fix when path contains Unicode characters.
  • Fix of watching some expressions containing space.
  • Fix of debugger freeze when editing values.
  • Datatips work even if the code contains syntax errors.


Monday, 29 Jun 2015
  • Tooltip colors in dark theme fixes.
  • Formatting options for semicolon and right brace handled.
  • IntelliSense after $somevar:: fix.
  • Block indentation supported.
  • Smart new line in PHPDoc disabled in Block indent.


Monday, 15 Jun 2015


  • Installing PHP 5.6 instead of 5.4 from WebPlatformInstaller if there is no PHP yet.


  • FTP/SFTP library updated.
  • Project publish not allowed during debug, fixes issues with Visual Studio not responding.


  • Missing description of a method is taken from parent declaration.
  • Magic properties shown even if real declaration is not visible.
  • Optimizations.
  • New implementation of code completion.
  • New implementation of function signature help.
  • Code completion pre-selects most recent item.
  • Code completion improvements after backslash, new, global and function.
  • Code completion has WPF tool tips (formatted and coloured).
  • Code completion works better with namespaces.
  • Code completion shows only next part of a namespaced name. Backslash commits and shows the next part.
  • After typing "$" and deleting the "$", completion is dismissed.
  • Editor exception fixes.
  • Minor IntelliSense fixes.
  • Option for enabling/disabling preselection of most recently used member.
  • Better IntelliSense after "use".
  • Fixes of code completion when cursor is between two non-string tokens.
  • Fixes for special function names (echo, empty, isset, __construct, ...).
  • Fix of newly declared variables missing from code completion.
  • Symbol icon in tooltips.


  • Refactoring | Rename in context menu (HTML Editor must be disabled).
  • Drag&Droping files from Windows Explorer opens them.
  • Go To Brace with extending selection (Ctrl+Shift+]).
  • Shift+F12 looks into referenced projects as well.
  • Shift+F12 highlights "new" of corresponding "__construct".
  • Tooltip during debugging fixes.
  • Name of class or interface is coloured.
  • Code completion fixes between a word and variable name.
  • (VS2013+) Matching ' and " is not autocompleted inside strings and comments.
  • New Smart Indent engine (major change).
  • Fixes.
  • Snippets are formatted after insertion.
  • Fix of cases where VS shows error dialog after deleting portion of code.


  • When generating PHPDoc (after typing /**), selection is placed over 'summary' text.
  • Syntax in PHPDoc comments is highlighted (type names, variable names, tags, delimiters).
  • Colours of PHPDoc syntax in Tools | Options | Fonts and Colors, PHP Doc ...

Code Validation

  • Closure is callable.
  • compact() function handled.
  • Fix of duplicitous warning messages.
  • Fix of duplicitous error messages.
  • Fix of foreach variable warnings, Iterator objects allowed, strings not.

Refactoring | BETA

  • After changing an identifier name, smart tag (Ctrl+.) with rename action is displayed.
  • Smart tag for rename allows to show preview.
  • Variables, labels, types, interfaces, functions, methods, fields, constants, class constants.
  • Rename dialog (Ctrl+R,R).
  • Fix of cases where renamed identifier is a part of string or with prefixed namespaces.


  • Other test errors (syntax error, unknown class etc.) handled.
  • Other PHPUnit output noted in Output window.


  • Variable '$user' can be watched.


  • The extension is installed for all users.


  • Composer integration fixes.
  • Replace property in composer.json handled.


Saturday, 21 Mar 2015
  • Improvements of automatic directory mapping during remote debugging .
  • Fix of MsBuild targets files.


Wednesday, 18 Mar 2015
  • Faster installation. Fixes for 32bit Windows.
  • TRAIT constant added, parser, IntelliSense.
  • Composer package properties fixes.
  • Fix of line endings when formatting and inserting new line.
  • Fix of IntelliSense when there are two classes with the same full name.


Friday, 6 Mar 2015
  • Visual Studio 2015 CTP5, CTP6 supported.
  • MSBuild capabilities improvements.
  • Microsoft Web PHP Project template (which allows azure publish and web deploy).
  • Fixes.


  • Ctrl+M,L supported when using advanced HTML Editor.
  • Collapsed /* summary / contains first line of the description.
  • IntelliSense improvements based on code analysis.
  • Fix of navigation bar when advanced HTML Editor is enabled.
  • Fix of navigation bar when advanced HTML Editor is disabled.
  • Source code validation and analysis.
  • Type in tooltips is shortened according to current namespace.
  • Tooltip text is wrapped.
  • Fix for tooltips when debugging from array chains and foreach variables.
  • Function header text contains '&' for references.
  • Fixes.
  • Fix of HTML highlighting when support for HTML Editor is enabled.
  • Memory leak fix.
  • Task list, Error List with too many items processed on background.
  • Optimizations.
  • Find All References (Shift+F12).
  • Contextual highlighting of references.
  • Correct F1 Help URL for $_COOKIE and $_ENV.
  • IntelliSense analyses @var PHPDoc tag above class when accessing object as array.
  • Errors underlining, outlining, smart tags fixes.
  • Known type of functions/variables/constants in tool tips.

Code Validation

  • Type analysis running on background.
  • Error detection based on type analysis.
  • /* @var T $x / in local scope forces type of local variable.
  • Detection of unused variables and uninitialized variables.
  • Detection of undefined classes.
  • Detection of type mismatch.
  • Detection of unreachable code.
  • Detection of unused or undefined labels.
  • Detection of common typos and common runtime errors.


  • Composer packages handled by Solution Explorer, Code Analysis and IntelliSense.
  • Direct actions to Install new, update or install missing.
  • Packages from composer.json are shown in Project References in tree hierarchy.
  • Missing packages downloaded automatically on project load.
  • Packages are included in IntelliSense.

Test Explorer

  • Bundled PHPUnit updated to version 4.5.
  • Running selected tests with @dataProvider fix.
  • Faster tests discovery.
  • 'phpunit.xml.dist' and 'phpunit.xml' allowed as PHPUnit configuration file names.


Thursday, 27 Nov 2014
  • Fix of crash, when extension_dir directive in php.ini contains invalid characters.
  • Fix of F12 when window is scrolled few lines up.


Thursday, 16 Oct 2014
  • $argv and $argc in IntelliSense.
  • Fix for Tab settings when indenting and unindenting (Tab, Shift+Tab).
  • When changing File Extension/Editor options, IntelliSense cache is reloaded immediatelly.
  • Memory usage optimization.
  • Project system improvements.
  • IntelliSense performs more tasks on background.
  • S/FTP faster target directory check.
  • IntelliSense cursor position fixes.
  • IntelliSense fix for self, parent, static when inside a namespace.
  • When navigating from Navigation Bar into a collapsed region, region is expanded.


Friday, 19 Sep 2014
  • Fix of code formatting within try/catch block.
  • Fix of crash when there is a file missing on disk.
  • Fix of Tool Tip crash when first letter of an identifier is mouseovered.
  • Fix of IntelliSense exception.
  • Fix of old HTML support IntelliSense.
  • Fix of Error List and Task List; only errors of opened files or files within a PHP project are listed, only tasks of a file within a PHP project are listed


Sunday, 14 Sep 2014
  • Include and Exclude performance improvements.
  • Error List performance improvements.
  • Navigation Bar performance improvements.
  • Fix of crash when .NET Performance and Diagnostics is launched with PHP Project.
  • Fix of crash when debugging is stopped.
  • IntelliSense engine runs max for few seconds.
  • Fixed IntelliSense when cursor is at the end of file.
  • Fixed IntelliSense for functions and constants.
  • Fixed IntelliSense when PHPDoc type names have to be translated using current naming context.
  • Fixed IntelliSense over identifiers which name should be translated using current naming context.


Monday, 8 Sep 2014
  • IntelliSense object members.
  • Opening documents fix.
  • Starting web project fix.
  • Items in navigation bar are sorted alphabetically.
  • Conditionally declared functions and classes are visible in IntelliSense.


Saturday, 30 Aug 2014
  • Feedback form in Help | PHP Tools Feedback.
  • Feedback form when app crashes from PHP Tools.


  • Fix of debugging when path contains '#' character.
  • Debug path mapping considers project references and SubPath property.


  • Support for NuGet.


  • Test Configuration Editor.
  • Support for custom PHPUnit configuration file.
  • Organizing tests by a test suite defined in a configuration file.
  • Support for bootstrapper and other PHPUnit options.
  • Faster test discovery.
  • By default, only files suffixed with Test.php are probed.
  • Test class must have 'Test' suffix.


Friday, 22 Aug 2014
  • High DPI UI support.
  • Support for JS debugging in PHP main file.
  • Fixes.


  • Peek to definition.
  • Quick Info syntax colored.
  • More information in IntelliSense.
  • Redesigned IntelliSense.
  • Over "new" expression, F1 and F12 jumps to the constructor of class.
  • Code collapsing of lambda functions.
  • Fix of crash when there is "func() = expr;" code.
  • Fix when there is a method called "assert".
  • Fix when using declare().


  • Project-wide Error List.


Tuesday, 22 Jul 2014
  • Brace completion of ' disabled when typing in comments.
  • Fix of smart indentation causing editor to freeze.


Wednesday, 9 Jul 2014
  • Task List from code comments fixes.


  • Publish fixes.
  • Publish of selected files and folders added.
  • Improved publish performance.


  • Full automatic brace completion.
  • Comment selection fix when the selection ends on beginning of a line.
  • Changing options updates editor of already opened files properly.

Test Adapter

  • Stack trace fixes.
  • ReflectionException fix.
  • Incomplete test fix.
  • Support for risky tests.


Sunday, 8 Jun 2014
  • Extended code analysis for classes, interfaces and member methods.
  • Task List updated with TODOs from code comments (customizable in Options|Tools|Environment|Task List) and from PHPDoc/@todo.
  • Smart Tags implementation for implement Interface, Implement Abstract Members and Override Members.
  • Project From Existing Code excludes .svn and .hg directories.
  • Project From Existing Code excludes hidden directories and its content.
  • Project From Existing Code allows to specify list of wildcards for ignored file names.
  • Faster project opening.
  • Project system improvements.
  • Smaller package.
  • Less memory requirements.
  • .NET 4.5 required.
  • @link PHPDoc keyword.
  • Fixed use of navigation bar immediately after opening a file.
  • Find Symbol Results fixes.
  • FTP/SFTP publish is handeling profiles with server names with explicit port number but without scheme.


Monday, 12 May 2014
  • Fix of PHP Editor when Navigation Bar is hidden.
  • Setup configures file association with .php and .phpproj properly.


Tuesday, 29 Apr 2014
  • Project From Existing Code creates correct msbuild file in case of special characters in file names.
  • IntelliSense exception fix in case of license is not activated.
  • Microsoft.VisualStudio.Web.Application support for .php extension.
  • Web Projects uses "Set As Start Page" command instead of ".. Start File".
  • Setup fixes for VS2010.
  • Setup fixes when there is an older version installed.
  • VS2012 Options page mishmashed characters fix.
  • PHP build-in server hostname option is used properly in opened browser.


Friday, 18 Apr 2014
  • Console PHP Project template.
  • Fix of CSS files colorization when opening them by double-click from Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2010.
  • Fix for Split Window when using mixed HTML/PHP Editor.
  • Fix for IIS Express PHP registration when starting debug of PHP project.
  • Fix for internal detection of installed VS packages and languages in case of non-standard VS config registry root.


Tuesday, 1 Apr 2014
  • Files from [metadata] includes private/protected keywords properly.
  • Check for conflict with PHP Language Support extension.

Test Adapter

  • Test Explorer integration, PHPUnit included.
  • PHPUnit classes available in IntelliSense.


  • Compatibility with Phalanger Tools 1.12+.


Monday, 10 Mar 2014

MSI installer

  • Fix when there is running Visual Studio during install.


Friday, 7 Mar 2014
  • Debug Quick Watch fixes (inside return and array use)
  • IntelliSense shows types of properties and constants of builtin PHP types.
  • Project properties scroll bars fix.
  • Project properties on first load marked as dirty.
  • Visual Studio 2010 without 'Visual Web Developer' feature does not allow HTML Editor.

MSI installer

  • Fixed issues with updating or uninstalling the extension.
  • Fixed issues with missing project and item templates.
  • Allowed downgrade to an older version.


  • Improved php.ini check.
  • Fixing php.ini under non-Administrator account or with UAC enabled.
  • "xdebug.remote_host" option validated properly.
  • Opening php.ini from Interpreters dialog allows edit with UAC.
  • Debug launch with debug issues fix.
  • Silverlight debugging without IE shows readable error message.


Friday, 14 Feb 2014
  • "Browse With" support, user is able to choose browser used to debug
  • Fixed processing of files under long paths (under directories > 255 chars)
  • Opening documents from last solution session fix (Visual Studio 2013)
  • Debugger improvements
  • Silverlight debugging (requires Internet Explorer)
  • "Start without debugging" runs correct browser application
  • Fix for Web Essentials and certain commands (like Create CSS bundle)
  • Brace Completion option available (VS 2013)


Sunday, 19 Jan 2014
  • IntelliSense after static::.
  • IntelliSense of parameters with type hint inside a namespace fix.
  • Fix of PHPDoc parser; use of @method without parameters fix.
  • Icons in Visual Studio 2013 Navigate To window.
  • Option to remove UTF8 BOM of PHP files.
  • Option to specify hostname for built-in PHP server.
  • "Show All Files" switch is available on VS Shell Integrated as well.
  • Stopping debug session properly closes server.
  • Debugging works if IE has been uninstalled from the system.
  • Show Line Numbers and Word Wrap options work in new PHP/HTML/JS/CSS editor.
  • Compatibility fixes for ReSharper - PHP editor, false warnings, snippets, formatting etc.


Sunday, 1 Dec 2013
  • Fix for included/excluded files appearing in IntelliSense.
  • Fix for indentation of generated PHPDoc.
  • Fix for IntelliSense completion in PHPDoc.
  • Generated PHPDoc has "mixed" types by default and contains @throws if there is "throw new" statement.


Thursday, 28 Nov 2013
  • Compatibility fixes when Phalanger is installed.
  • Compatibility check for VS 2010 without SP1.
  • Fix of parser failing for lines with certain length.
  • Fix of error reporting during package initialization.
  • Fix of IntelliSense initialization for multiple projects in solution.

Source Control

  • Added support for syntax highlighting in diff window.

Project System

  • Performance improvements of Drag&Drop operation, and adding items into project in general.
  • Created .phpproj.user file us backward compatible with previous version of Visual Studio.


Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013

Project System

  • Fix of adding items with semi-colon in its name.
  • Fix of flickering and collapsing when deleting items.
  • Fix of correct item selected after deletion.
  • Fix of IDE inresponsibility.


Wednesday, 13 Nov 2013
  • Improved project system
  • Fix of nested file nodes (e.g. .coffee files and Web Essentials)
  • Support for Xdebug using IPv6 address
  • Fix of Collapse To Def command
  • Fix of wrong snippets path not updated by Visual Studio
  • Fix of Tool Tips / Quick Watch when debugging
  • Fix of outlining being continuously collapsed when typing
  • Fix of debugging when a Web App Project is in solution
  • Fix of debug keeping listening on port
  • Publish takes also dependent file nodes (e.g. generated from .coffee)
  • Fix of code snippets not being available
  • Explorer icons associated also under non-administrator account


Monday, 28 Oct 2013
  • Removed Start Page
  • Visual Studio manages file associations with .phpproj and .php
  • Support for Visual Studio 2013
  • Inserting snippets with reformat fix
  • Updated icons for VS2013 and VS2013
  • About box with additional package information
  • Experimental HTML/JS/CSS support (enable in TOOLS|OPTIONS|PHP Tools)

Project System

  • Improved project system
  • Improved source control support
  • Bolding of startup file on PHP project
  • Improved project loading
  • Asynchronous project loading


Saturday, 19 Oct 2013
  • SFTP publish allows empty private key
  • Expired subscription does not cause notification to appear every VS startup
  • Fix of conflicting PhpNetCore.dll when Phalanger is installed
  • Fix of debugger keeping socket opened after VS is closed


Tuesday, 17 Sep 2013
  • Memory usage optimizations
  • .coffee and .less item templates added (if supported by VS)
  • PHP 5.5 syntax supported
  • php.ini configuration issue checker improvements
  • Code commenting improvements for mixed tabs/spaces on commented lines
  • Improved metadata generation for native PHP functions and classes (F12 on builtin PHP stuff)
  • Publish dialog fix; saves data when enter is pressed
  • Allowing to use some 3rd party extensions getting color information improperly
  • File System publisher doesn't propage readonly and hidden attributes
  • SFTP publisher supports private key
  • Navigating to php files via Find Results fix


  • Xdebug configuration checks improvements
  • Debugger/Watch allows complex expressions
  • Debugger handles evaluation with side effect
  • Debugger hexadecimal view support
  • During debugging on IIS Express, verbose messages are printed to VS Output
  • If IIS Express fails to start, user is notified and debug session won't start


  • Support for generators added into IntelliSense
  • F1 Help provided for more PHP keywords
  • updated integrated documentation (Sep 3rd 2013)
  • Some optional parameters of PHPManual functions shown properly as optional
  • Initial value of PHPManual function parameters shown in tool tips


Thursday, 22 Aug 2013
  • Asking for trial at Visual Studio startup can be disabled now
  • Option to disable keyword reference highlighting under the cursor
  • Option to disable PHPDoc generating for /**


  • Autos window during debugging
  • Remote debugging through SSH tunnel allowed


Thursday, 8 Aug 2013
  • start page shows subscription expiration
  • project system fixes for dragging and removing
  • version date is checked against subscription expiration
  • start page shows changelog
  • requires to try professional features
  • license is valid for any Visual Studio version until subscription is valid


Tuesday, 16 Jul 2013
  • occurences of the identifier under the caret is highlighted across the whole file
  • Publishable property fix, listing files to publish fix
  • HTML IntelliSense (code completion, including smart closing tag)
  • HTML element pair highlighting
  • HTML automatic closing element inserted on >
  • HTML commenting/uncommenting selection (applicable only if HTML xor PHP are selected)
  • formatting HTML document
  • improvements in HTML colorizer, more "non-standard" HTML code allowed
  • improved performance and stability of colorizer
  • creating new PHP project automatically opens 'index.php'
  • fixed IntelliSense of DOMNodeList
  • foreach of DOMNodeList, DirectoryIterator, ArrayIterator
  • foreach of classes derived from Iterator with function current()
  • PHP project publish bug fixes


Monday, 3 Jun 2013
  • Automatic installation of PHP with Xdebug from Web Platform Installer
  • IntelliSense enhancements
  • no code completion after "var" keyword
  • private static and non-static functions and properties only shown in its class context
  • overriding of builtin PHP functions shows valid type hints
  • update of builtin PHP manual to April 2013 version
  • PDO:: constants in IntelliSense
  • PDO methods have proper return type and -> after them works
  • F1 works for built-in PHP classes and their members
  • fix of smart indent after "(new X)->xxx;" statement
  • Class Search allows searching for class members too
  • Object Browser shows additional PHPDoc information
  • Debugger improvements
  • Debugger allows to select what kind of errors are handled
  • Fatal, Parse, Unknown errors breaks debug
  • fix when running VS as Guest; fixes startup crash and activating trial crash
  • fix when running project after configuration error; new configuration takes an effect


Thursday, 25 Apr 2013
  • remote debugging fix


Sunday, 14 Apr 2013
  • PHP Debugger improvements
  • strings longer than 1024 handled, can be previewed and edited
  • arrays and objects with more than 32 elements handled, can be viewed and edited
  • modified values/objects in immediate window are updated in debug view
  • fix of automatic port selection
  • project located in disk root starts up properly
  • fix of startup url, forward slashes instead of backward
  • formatting fix of return expression
  • web site is not opened after installation
  • F12 and F1 when cursor is just before the word
  • project properties can be saved even if no PHP interpreter is configured
  • fix when VS is being closed with built-in PHP web server running
  • fix of project properties port number input text box


Sunday, 31 Mar 2013
  • PHP class item template
  • fix of scrolling the document to the cursor position on enter after long lines
  • fix of formatting on code using heredoc
  • start page is displayed after an update and disable checkbox is more visible
  • start page contains more information about features


Saturday, 23 Mar 2013
  • Navigate To support (Ctrl + ,)
  • PHP 5.4 traits syntax
  • PHP 5.4 function array dereference syntax
  • PHP 5.4 function call on object instantioation
  • IntelliSense of new PHP 5.4 constructs
  • IntelliSense hides private members out of its class
  • IntelliSense after use/extends/implements/new improved, traits handled
  • proper icons of interfaces in IntelliSense lists
  • fix of adding handlers into IIS configuration
  • JavaSript debugger (JScript) support (implies use of IE)
  • selection of debuggers (PHP and/or JavaScript) in project properties
  • improved PHPDoc, handles @property-write, @property-read and more @method syntaxes
  • PHP debugger improvements
  • IntelliSense improvements
  • Project Publish "Skip missing files check" option
  • Project system improvements when using source control binding
  • overriding of functions fix; autocompletes type hints and parameters default value
  • control variable from catch() block in IntelliSense
  • php item templates do not have BOM


Sunday, 3 Mar 2013
  • minor fix when VS freezes on first opened php file
  • PHPDoc @param without variable name handled
  • feedback button crash fix
  • publishing issue fix with new files
  • debugging path mapping fixes
  • formatter handles class field initializers
  • singleline PHPDoc not collapsible
  • class search shows classes, global functions, constants
  • tooltip stability issue fix
  • closing file crash while IntelliSense is active fix
  • renaming files under source control fix


Friday, 22 Feb 2013
  • Minor fix of IntelliSense and Class View within solutions with more than one PHP project loaded


Thursday, 21 Feb 2013
  • Project Publish
  • Manual Publish command
  • Publish profiles management
  • Publish Wizard, connection validation
  • File System, FTP, FTPS, SFTP protocols
  • Automatic publish before Run
  • Fast incremental Publish
  • Remote Debugging / Custom server
  • Automatic directory mapping
  • Publish before run
  • PHP Built-in server Routing Script option
  • Class View, Class search
  • structured by namespaces
  • Object Browser
  • IntelliSense improvements:
  • Asynchronous IntelliSense (Completor, Word Completion, ToolTip, MethodTip) immediate editor response
  • IntelliSense of array items, foreach enumeration
  • array type hint in PHPDoc supported (e.g. ObjType[])
  • Global constants defined thru define() with PHPDoc
  • Global variables defined thru PHPDoc (using @global tag)
  • Other IntelliSense engine improvements
  • IntelliSense engine optimizations
  • fast editor response when matching/highlighting braces
  • Description of more PHP keywords and built-in functions
  • 'Go To Declaration' (F12) in case of variables and properties does not show implicit declarations
  • 'Go To Declaration' (F12) of declarations from @method or @property jumps to corresponding PHPDoc tag
  • options for disabling code collapsing by default, collapsing of PHPDoc blocks or #region/#endregion
  • option for IntelliSense variable preselection when $ is typed
  • collapsing of <?php ?> code blocks
  • collapsing of group of line comments, allowing to have whitelines between them
  • VS 2012 light/dark project icons
  • .php file is opened in an existing instance of Visual Studio when opening from Windows Explorer
  • VS 2012 faster response in large projects
  • Start Page with News re-enabled only after major update
  • project system fixes, improvements
  • fixed Method Info for multilined function calls
  • fixed performance issue of huge PHP projects when whole VS was laggy


Tuesday, 8 Jan 2013
  • new PHP Variable color
  • better support for VS2012 dark theme
  • VS 2012 preview tab supported
  • fixed reseting of HTML colors on VS 2012
  • fixed IntelliSense replacement span, e.g. right before a string
  • fixed syntax error of class constant set to a string containing $


Monday, 17 Dec 2012
  • fixed debugging when user stopped debug manually before debug session ended
  • fixed debugging of projects located in paths containing Unicode characters
  • fixed 'project from existing code' wizard messages
  • fixed entering new line with 'virtual space' option and with caret after the line end
  • fixed IntelliSense deduction of abstract methods but with PHPDoc information
  • support for improved method call syntax $classname::$methodname()
  • support for improved array syntax [1,2,3, 'key' => $value]


Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012
  • PHP code formatting fixes
  • project system fixes
  • more IntelliSense within FTP site and FileSystem site


Tuesday, 27 Nov 2012
  • Windows 8 Debugger Systray fix
  • fix of crashing when RedGate Reflector is installed
  • IntelliSense optimizations
  • IntelliSense of namespaces fixes
  • beta of arrays IntelliSense, foreach
  • version in Start Page
  • IIS Express debugging fix when default URL is used
  • PHP Project system improvements
  • Drag&Drop and Ctrl+C/X/V within same project
  • solution explorer refresh button
  • missing files marked with exclamation mark in solution explorer
  • VS12 additional colors fix
  • debugging of certain servers (PHP 5.4, IIS Express) allowed without Administrator rights
  • debugger catch Exceptions
  • PHP Exceptions listed in Debug -> Exceptions
  • HTML highlighting uses VS settings, Spellchecker addon compatibility fix


Tuesday, 30 Oct 2012
  • PHP code debugging (XDebug support)
  • Immediate Window during debugging
  • Debug Quick Watch and Tooltips with actual value
  • Editting values during debugging
  • PHP projects
  • @property and @method PHPDoc tags
  • package fix on Windows XP
  • performance fix of Visual Studio Web Site
  • IntelliSense fixes
  • Comment/Uncomment selection fix
  • Project From Existing Code... (File -> New)
  • Custom file extensions available free
  • Built-in PHP 5.4 server support
  • IIS Express server support
  • PHP configuration issues manager
  • Automatic one-time file association


Saturday, 1 Sep 2012
  • formatting fixes
  • duplicities in navigation bar fixes
  • automatic generaton of PHPDoc when /** is typed above declaration
  • minor IntelliSense fix when new function is being typed


Wednesday, 22 Aug 2012
  • IntelliSense shows static functions after object operator
  • IntelliSense fixes
  • Smart Indent and Reformatter fixes


Sunday, 12 Aug 2012
  • typing variable name fix
  • smart indent fixes
  • more keywords in IntelliSense
  • right brace inside string fix (smart indent, highlighting, brace matching)
  • IntelliSense during Method Info fix
  • Go to Brace supported (Ctrl+])


Wednesday, 1 Aug 2012
  • outlining bug fix


Wednesday, 1 Aug 2012
  • smart indentation improvements
  • namespace formating fixes
  • Code completer improvements


Saturday, 28 Jul 2012
  • F1 Help
  • region/#endregion outlining

  • all PhpDoc tags
  • improved PHPDoc parser
  • smart indentation
  • smart outdentation of '{', 'case', 'default'
  • formatting options
  • automatic PHP document formatting
  • automatic code block reformat after '}', ':' or ';'
  • formatting of code selection
  • Whole PHP Manual integrated
  • fixes of namespaces handling
  • fixed namespaced names code completion
  • namespace blocks collapsing
  • Mac New Lines (CR) supported
  • Files in Solution Explorer handled properly


Monday, 18 Jun 2012
  • tooltip handling fix


Friday, 15 Jun 2012
  • code snippets, code surrounding, expansion browser
  • PHPDoc highlighting
  • added missing keywords in code sense
  • updated integrated documentation (PDO, Zip)
  • automatic $ when inserting static class field
  • comment/uncomment lines refinement


Wednesday, 23 May 2012
  • Automatic .php file association


Sunday, 20 May 2012
  • IntelliSense improvements & fixes
  • PHPDoc of class fields in ToolTip


Friday, 11 May 2012
  • PHP documentation updated
  • optimizations, improved IntelliSense for functions with PHPDoc
  • Caching progress in status bar
  • Custom file extensions supported


Wednesday, 2 May 2012
  • fix when changing outside Visual Studio
  • DIR constant added
  • improvements when coding in namespace


Tuesday, 1 May 2012
  • code sense fixes
  • code sense of 'new' improvements
  • more PHP documentation
  • "Find Symbol Results" window shows full line of code if possible
  • 'Go to definition' centers view
  • generated metadata file contains PHP documentation if available
  • welcome dialog showed, fix
  • lambda functions support if available


Wednesday, 25 Apr 2012
  • 'global' keyword handled, type inference enhancements
  • code sense improvements and fixes
  • 'Show All Files'/'Include'/'Exclude' commands in solution explorer
  • 'Open folder in Windows Explorer' in colution explorer
  • package metadata updated
  • package Welcome dialog, licensing, trial, buy
  • PHP documentation for class library symbols
  • performance improvements


Friday, 30 Mar 2012
  • collapse to definition
  • brace matching
  • web root based on solution explorer
  • go to definition of class library symbol shows generated metadata file
  • HTML scanner allows single quoted attributes
  • "Find symbol results" window
  • Fonts&Colors setting fix when improperly loaded by VS
  • $ before a variable name autocompleted properly on VS11
  • Navigation bar fixes


Monday, 12 Mar 2012
  • performance improvements
  • VS11 support added
  • HTML colors changed
  • bug fixes


Monday, 5 Mar 2012
  • Initial release.



Tuesday, 21 Sep 2021
  • fixes crash when code contains huge nested expressions
  • fixes language server protocol
  • improves code analysis for array_pad(), array_fill()
  • fixes false positive warning for chained use of [] in LValue
  • memory optimizations


Sunday, 19 Sep 2021
  • memory optimizations
  • fixes crash when code contains huge nested expressions


Wednesday, 15 Sep 2021
  • function return value summary displayed in tooltips
  • fixes refactoring actions
  • fixes code actions
  • fixes PHPDoc generator
  • optimizes protocol


Tuesday, 7 Sep 2021
  • improves analysis of $this
  • improves error reporting of unused variables
  • fixes whole document formatting
  • fixes formatting of variable-less catch
  • fixes occasional issue when no debug port is specified
  • internal performance improvements for JSON protocol
  • fixes debugging documents without a workspace (just an opened file without workspace or folder)
  • updated PHP manual
  • fixes PHP parser - readonly is treated as it should according to PHP version


Tuesday, 17 Aug 2021
  • PHP 8.1 syntax, code sense, and checks
    • read-only properties
    • final class const
    • new in initializers
    • new callable syntax
  • updated PHP manual
  • fixes incorrectly reported deprecations
  • fixes incorrect parameteres with 'null' type hint


Sunday, 15 Aug 2021
  • Debug
    • allows compound launch
    • allows more debug sessions at once
    • Xdebug port doesn't have to be specified (the "port" launch configuration)


Thursday, 15 Jul 2021
  • when auto-import enabled, completions shows all possible types within possible namespaces
  • automatically completes fully-qualified-name when auto-importing and there is a conflict with existing alias
  • shows (auto import) in completion, if auto-importing will happen
  • completion better lists variables
  • optimizations
  • when there are multiple types to auto-import, they are all shown in the completion list to choose from


Tuesday, 22 Jun 2021
  • automatic import of alias when completion
  • setting php.format.autoimport
    • auto-import option: auto imports alias when completing types/function/constants out of namespace scope
    • fqn: inserts fully qualified name upon completion
    • none: inserts name as it is
    • hide: does not show inaccessible symbols in code completion
  • fix position of light bulb for code action for fully qualifying name
  • strikes out deprecated symbols in code completion


Saturday, 19 Jun 2021
  • updated code analysis and code completion
  • recognizes more undocumented .phpstorm.meta.php constructs (#102)
  • fixes PHPUnit TestCase MockObject type analysis (#102)
  • code action for simplifying fully qualified names (#88)


Monday, 7 Jun 2021
  • PHP version picker (see Selecting PHP in docs)
  • .editorconfig problems conventions (see Problems in docs)
  • "php.problems.scope" setting (ignoring "vendor" folder by default) (see Problems in docs)
  • debugging improvements
  • exception handling - always break on fatal error, option to choose whether to break on handled errors/exceptions


Tuesday, 25 May 2021
  • debugging fixes and improvements
  • debugging UX improvements


Friday, 21 May 2021
  • Test Explorer lists tests without running them
  • Test Explorer supports tests with data sets properly
  • tests get retired (grayed) if the source is modified
  • optimized debug protocol


Friday, 21 May 2021
  • new Test Explorer (requires hbenl.vscode-test-explorer)
  • debugging has been updated with support for multiple request handling, stability enhancements, corectness
  • debugging supports detach
  • optimizes Xdebug protocol
  • PHP 8.1 syntax support, never return type, enum, octal number notation
  • completion of static methods after $this->
  • #[NoReturn] attribute supported


Wednesday, 12 May 2021
  • fixes debug implementation (unexpected debug sessions closing)
  • fixes debug breakpoints
  • optimizes Xdebug protocol
  • fixes HEREDOC parser
  • fixes named parameters analysis for special names
  • fixes PHP 8 parsing and invalid syntax errors
  • optimizations


Saturday, 24 Apr 2021
  • code action for sort uses (PSR-12)
  • reports curly braces as deprecated since PHP 8.0
  • support for remote file systems
  • type analysis improvements


Sunday, 4 Apr 2021
  • shows PHP version in status bar without suffix
  • hotfix for macOS, downloading runtime package


Tuesday, 30 Mar 2021
  • code action for generating constructors
  • code action for getter/setter respect field staticness
  • fixes code actions
  • faster code completion popup
  • faster tooltip display for variables


Wednesday, 17 Mar 2021
  • memory optimizations
  • fixes for Node.JS on IA-32 architectures
  • fixes PHP0423 for ambigous function declarations
  • does not list names of anonymous classes in completion


Wednesday, 17 Feb 2021
  • PHPDoc generated for local variables and globals when user types /** above them
  • updated PHP manual with more PHP 8 declarations
  • pretty-print after ::class and fn fixes
  • avoided a few falsely reported problems
  • fixes type analysis for reserved keywords within PHPDoc @return tag
  • more details in tool-tips for built-in type keywords
  • DBGp Proxy support fixes for the server downloaded from the Xdebug home page


Wednesday, 10 Feb 2021
  • fixes language server crash (stack overflow exception)
  • more tollerant problems validation
  • code analysis improvements


Monday, 8 Feb 2021
  • code analysis overall improvements, finally blocks fixes, constrained constants not reported
  • refactoring and highlight occurence fixes for global constants in a namespace
  • improved performance
  • (linux, macOs) fixes server not being closed after VSCode shutdown or folder closed


Sunday, 31 Jan 2021
  • rename refactoring allows to rename dynamic names
  • language server crash fix when __construct contains trailing comma
  • updated pcre check
  • type analysis improvements, less falsely warnings
  • improved analysis of standard functions
  • improved analysis of try/catch blocks
  • tolerant to mismatching PHPDoc type annotation of properties
  • type check looks into subtypes of traits and interfaces, not being so strict
  • fixed code actions and quick fixes


Saturday, 23 Jan 2021
  • rename refactoring with preview
  • pretty print of use groups
  • built on .NET 5.0 (having .NET 5.0 Runtime avoids additional downloads)
  • treats subtypes when resolving methods
  • handles trait users improving analysis of trait and go to definition for methods in subtypes
  • improves code analysis and type analysis
  • avoids a lot of falsely warnings
  • go to definition of parent of anonymous class fix


Monday, 18 Jan 2021
  • files in source controlled folders are ignored when changed (.git, .history, .svn)
  • fixes PHP version in status bar - only shown when editing a PHP file
  • optimizations
  • updated PCRE check
  • fixed code completion at the very end of document


Monday, 4 Jan 2021
  • respects @template annotation in PHPDoc
  • handles inline @var annotation
  • signature help for ambiguous constructors (new \ReflectionMethod)
  • PHPDoc array type with union elements annotation (array<A\B\C>)
  • PHPDoc allows for nullable type annotation (e.g. ?int)
  • optimizations
  • improves code analysis, avoids some false positives
  • improves code flow analysis, isset(), is_resource(), and type inference
  • improves analysis for lambda function use variables
  • CLI specific constants and variables are allowed and code completed
  • updates .phpstorm.meta.php parser for type inference
  • does not respect PHP4-style ctor when using PHP 7.1+
  • fixes "Go to Implementation" in case of an anonymous class
  • fixes return check of generator functions
  • fixes check for __clone() magic method, can be private
  • fixes check for array access on \SplObjectStorage
  • fixes case and array key duplicity check for non-printable characters


Wednesday, 23 Dec 2020
  • support for @mixin annotations
  • support for @method annotation with $this return type
  • handles nullable type annotation in PHPDoc
  • fixes resolution of type names in PHPDoc blocks
  • fixes some incorrectly reported warnings (mostly an unknown method warning)
  • updated pcre check
  • can be installed on linux-arm64
  • improves type names in tool tips
  • code formatting for match expressions
  • fixes code validation of class declaration
  • updated integrated PHP manual


Saturday, 12 Dec 2020
  • syntax checks respect current PHP version including 8.0.
  • more quick fixes for invalid union types
  • updated pcre check
  • tool-tip type names rendered shorter


Friday, 4 Dec 2020
  • named arguments code completion (PHP 8)
  • named arguments hover information
  • functions annotated with #[Deprecated] attribute reported in diagnostics
  • diagnostics for matching or unknown named arguments (PHP 8)
  • diagnostics for iterable type hint
  • diagnostics for nullable types
  • diagnostics for union types (PHP 8)
  • null type name within unions (PHP 8)
  • improved .phpstorm.metadata.php annotations
  • support for Xdebug 3.0 and PHP 8.0 debugging


Saturday, 21 Nov 2020
  • updated PSR-2 code formatting
  • warning PHP0415 for use of an undefined constant
  • warning PHP0418 for use of an undefined method
  • code fix for PHP0415 if it might be a local variable
  • doctrine annotations in code completion
  • fixes class name completion within PHPDoc
  • updated global constants in code completion and analysis
  • updated PHP manual translations


Wednesday, 28 Oct 2020
  • analysis of class properties
  • fixes type hint for magic methods
  • stability fixes


Tuesday, 20 Oct 2020
  • PHP 8 new attribute syntax #[]
  • more code suggestions
  • improves unused use diagnostic when used in PHPDoc
  • improves underlining of problems in opened document when typing
  • @suppress and @SuppressWarnings PHPDoc tags allowing to ignore specified warnings within class/function
  • supports more PHPDoc array syntax conventions
  • improves analysis of isset() and new static()


Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020
  • fix for double-dollar $$ character in code completion of a variable


Tuesday, 22 Sep 2020
  • diagnostic and quick fix for names that can be simplified
  • diagnostic for unused parameters in constructors and private functions
  • updates of externally modified files (*.php)


Friday, 28 Aug 2020
  • @dataProvider PHPDoc attribute; code sense, navigation, completion
  • implement missing abstracts quickfix respects original public keyword
  • PHP 8.0 null-safe operator supported
  • PHP 8.0 match construct supported (must have PHP >=8.0 phpExecutable)
  • fix of quick fix for overlapping problems
  • stability fixes


Monday, 17 Aug 2020
  • deduplicated quick fixes
  • improved type analysis of expressions enclosed in parenthesis
  • unknown type name in PHPDoc gets quick fix
  • mouse hover shows whether function returns null as well (void is shown as null eventually)
  • go to implementations for methods
  • provides quick fix for invalid base classes
  • code completion after namespace keyword


Tuesday, 11 Aug 2020
  • quick fix for unknown class names in PHPDoc
  • quick fix to remove unnecessary use
  • iterable phpdoc type hint
  • load status indicator in status bar at left
  • current PHP version indicator in status bar (bottom right)
  • workspace re-analysed lazily when code is changed (disable with "php.problems.workspaceAnalysis": false)


Friday, 7 Aug 2020
  • "go to implementations" support
  • SonarSource.sonarlint-vscode not reported as incompatible
  • fixes "go to" of interface names after extends keyword
  • deprecations are rendered with a strike through


Thursday, 6 Aug 2020
  • "find all references" of __construct includes class instantiations
  • "find all references" perf.
  • problems analysis improvements
  • improved analysis of inline PHPDoc type hints
  • some problems related to other problems are not reported
  • parser fixes


Wednesday, 29 Jul 2020
  • performance improvements
  • problems analysis improvements
  • improves workspace loading
  • logging of workspace load failures


Sunday, 19 Jul 2020
  • standalone @deprecated not ignored
  • few performance improvements
  • fixes duplicities in reported problems
  • some problems caused by other problems not reported
  • workspace loading and code editing improvements


Monday, 13 Jul 2020
  • less falsely positive warnings
  • improved type analysis of static and properties
  • PHP 8.0 (Alpha 1) syntax supported
  • New PHP 8.0 compatibility warnings
  • fixed implements abstracts for trait members
  • improved formatting when using tabs


Tuesday, 19 May 2020
  • better placement of use quick action


Wednesday, 6 May 2020
  • fixes for systems without .NET Runtime (3.x or 5.x) installed


Tuesday, 5 May 2020
  • improved run of all tests (runs within single process now)
  • PHPDoc type hints in @method respect current namespace
  • locals in arrow function used from parent scope and annotated properly


Friday, 17 Apr 2020
  • configuration snippet for Launch current script in console fixed
  • HTML tooltips in PHP script
  • < triggers HTML completion
  • PCRE patterns check (within preg_* functions)
  • PHPDoc @method with vararg supported
  • unused use highlighting respects custom PHPDoc tags
  • Test Explorer fixes:
    • debugging session closed after test finishes
    • test cases can be debugged without additional configuration
    • fixes exception upon test run


Thursday, 23 Jan 2020
  • fixed completion of variables ($ prefix is not duplicated)


Tuesday, 10 Dec 2019
  • code flow analysis improvements for finally blocks
  • makes use of dotnet 3.1 if installed on the system
  • minor fixes, and updates to stabilty issues


Friday, 22 Nov 2019
  • Implement abstracts code action & quick fix (interfaces and abstract members)
  • Add getter/setter code action for fields and multiple fields
  • updates to stability issues


Sunday, 10 Nov 2019
  • code editor fixes (occuring when format on save, format on paste)
  • completion inside PHPDoc


Monday, 4 Nov 2019
  • improved listing symbols in document/workspace
  • listing properties when searching prefixed with $
  • navigation to trait uses


Thursday, 24 Oct 2019
  • problems check for not implemented functions
  • problems check for traits
  • improved tooltips and performance
  • updated builtin PHP manual
  • debugger reports common issues human friendly


Monday, 23 Sep 2019
  • {@link} in tooltips shown as hyperlink
  • {@inheritdoc} gets substituted according to PHPDoc specs.
  • updated blade templating editor (@section, @yield) and formatting fixes
  • embedded HTML fixes
  • stability fixes, improved internal error logging
  • reporting problems improvements


Monday, 9 Sep 2019
  • generated PHPDoc respects type hints
  • generated PHPDoc treats nullable types correctly
  • language server crash fix
  • avoids spawning rg.exe when running composer install|update (fixes system freezing)


Thursday, 5 Sep 2019
  • PHAR files in workspace get parsed
  • code completion includes declarations from PHAR files
  • go to definition supports content in PHAR files
  • navigation through entries in PHAR files
  • signature help and tooltips for declarations in PHAR files
  • minor fixes and improvements


Thursday, 1 Aug 2019
  • formatting of typed properties
  • completion after use is filtered by class name
  • obtaining long data from Xdebug


Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019
  • classes/interfaces/traits not available in current namespace or uses are not listed in code completion
  • dynamic class aliasing supported in code completion and type analysis (class_alias() and Joomla registered aliases)
  • PHP in blade blocks (.blade.php) (except syntax highlighting)
  • improved type analysis of arguments passed by reference
  • fixed pasting when Format on Paste is enabled (HTML was corrupted)


Wednesday, 17 Jul 2019
  • performance optimizations
  • php.problems.workspaceAnalysis setting to enable/disable workspace-wide problems analysis
  • array unpack type check

PHP 7.4 support

  • PHP 7.4 support (arrow functions, typed properties, spread array, ??= operator, underscores in numbers)
  • PHP 7.4 features reported when using PHP < 7.4
  • PHP 7.4 features analysis, type analysis, problems analysis
  • spread array type check


Thursday, 11 Jul 2019
  • improved project load and background analysis
  • .phpstorm.meta.php (version 2016.2+) processed
  • Code completion and analysis of IoC
  • fixed formatting for nullable types
  • formatting pretty-prints opening bracket {
  • formatting code style defaults to PSR-2


Monday, 8 Jul 2019
  • fixed issue when some warnings disappear and after few secs appear
  • improved CPU use when opening/closing documents
  • fixed formatting around ?: and ::
  • improved code analysis evaluation
  • less strict analysis of use of uninitialized variables
  • completion after use gets fully qualified names


Friday, 5 Jul 2019
  • diagnostics of magic methods
  • diagnostics of duplicit function parameters
  • improved type analysis of numbers
  • launching debugger enhancements
  • PSR-2 formatter fixes


Tuesday, 2 Jul 2019
  • improved type analysis of explode(), microtime(), Oxid framework
  • catch variable diagnostics and analysis


Thursday, 27 Jun 2019
  • formatter improvements
  • DBGP proxy support
  • improved unused variable diagnostic


Monday, 24 Jun 2019
  • anonymous functions type analysis
  • anonymous functions annotated with PHPDoc
  • anonymous functions details in tool tips
  • signature help with function return type
  • dimmed unused variables
  • loading project performance, responsiveness


Saturday, 22 Jun 2019
  • fixed increasing number of untitled documents upon code format
  • type analysis improvements
  • inital support for dbgp proxy


Monday, 17 Jun 2019
  • updated PHP manual
  • validation of value passed to define()
  • validation of use of define() on PHP >= 7.3


Wednesday, 12 Jun 2019
  • support for logpoints
  • php.format.codeStyle can be set in the workspace scope
  • code formatting fixes, indentation after opening tag, blocks on a new line
  • html+php formatting fix for overlapping ranges error


Tuesday, 28 May 2019
  • fix for disabling breakpoints
  • optimized debug protocol


Monday, 27 May 2019
  • updated PHP manual for the latest PHP 7.3 and PHP 7.4 constructs
  • updated readme


Thursday, 9 May 2019
  • Disabled warning PHP0424 when passing an object in foreach
  • Analysis of use params within lambda function
  • Minor code navigation fixes
  • Minor code formatting fixes


Tuesday, 23 Apr 2019
  • signature helper fixed, showing the correct parameter
  • fixes running the extension when there is no dotnet
  • works with dotnet 3.0


Monday, 4 Mar 2019
  • PHPDoc generation with parameter names


Wednesday, 27 Feb 2019
  • PHPDoc blocks inserted with placeholders (snippet)
  • PHPDoc tags snippets
  • PHP compatibility warnings
  • fixed not disappearing warnings after file delete
  • fixed pretty-print of die() construct
  • fixed formatting for function headers and properties


Wednesday, 20 Feb 2019
  • updated PHP manual
  • format on type (; and })
  • format profile Off
  • formatting not applied when code is syntax invalid


Thursday, 14 Feb 2019
  • code completion in PHPDoc for PHPDoc keywords (after @)
  • code actions for typos in PHPDoc and unknown type names in PHPDoc


Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019
  • code action for adding use ; when applicable
  • code action to fully qualify type name when necessary
  • generating PHPDoc when user types /** (formatOnType must be enabled)
  • selection format
  • localized messages - en, de, ja, tz, es


Sunday, 30 Dec 2018
  • improved code formatting
  • few texts localized to german


Monday, 3 Dec 2018
  • folding collapses the inner range
  • formatting code style setting php.format.codeStyle
  • PHPDoc for local variables with multiple @var/@global tags
  • code suggestion to add $this-> if applicable


Monday, 26 Nov 2018
  • code suggestion for an unknown class error
  • unnecessary use directives are rendered as fade out
  • F10 and F11 start debugging and stop on entry
  • exclude launch configuration - patterns that will be skipped from debugging when stepping
  • debugger allows setting a variable or property value
  • debugger supports long strings
  • debugger supports paging for large arrays
  • test explorer optimization
  • generated files are not included in user's workspace
  • test explorer shows only user's tests, only if there is no phpunit.xml in root then all tests in recursive dirs are listed


Saturday, 3 Nov 2018
  • display language setting phpTools.language can be changed without reloading the workspace
  • changing setting php.problems.exclude updates the problems window
  • a file changed outside the editor gets updated
  • stability fixes


Tuesday, 30 Oct 2018
  • debugger allows inspecting stack frames and locals value
  • experimental: setting files.exclude is handled
  • experimental: setting php.problems.exclude allows ignoring specified folders and all or specified problem codes
  • not completing items right after <?
  • highlighting references under caret optimization


Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018
  • project problems are updated after the workspace is loaded
  • some false warnings are not reported
  • pathMappings launch configuration
  • fix: closing language server process on Unix systems
  • fix: working with large mixed HTML/JS/CSS/PHP code
  • signature help for new objects
  • memory and perf. optimization
  • stability fixes
  • project startup optimizations
  • code folding for all parenthesis


Thursday, 11 Oct 2018
  • option to activate license/request trial offline
  • option to mute warning about missing PHP
  • tests are not loaded and run automatically (either enable autorun or click reload/start)
  • debug watch tooltip provides expandable object properties
  • more detailed output log about PHP and Xdebug that will be used for debugging/tests
  • F5 starts debugging of current script even without having launch.json configuration
  • does not provide basic completion after : (but ::)
  • code completion handles ambiguous trait declarations


Monday, 8 Oct 2018
  • Symbols in workspace feature.
  • Processing all files mapped to php language.
  • Code completion improvements.


Wednesday, 3 Oct 2018
  • Test Explorer detects phpunit.xml.dist to get enabled
  • code completion handles ambiguous types better
  • short open tags <? allowed if there is no normal open tag <?php
  • updated readme and documentation
  • re-enabled completion after $ (fixes recent update in VSCode)


Thursday, 27 Sep 2018
  • option to request trial license
  • downloading dependencies from CDN
  • updated the extension's publisher ID


Friday, 14 Sep 2018
  • triggering completion after ->, $, \, ::
  • code folding for blocks, comments, PHPDoc and regions
  • language server providing
    • code completion
    • hover
    • formatting
    • code structure
    • signature help
    • find all references
    • navigation
    • go to definition
    • refactoring
    • highlighting
  • code analysis and validation
  • debug support
    • watch
    • debug mouse watch
    • breakpoints
    • UNC paths
    • path mapping
    • remote debug, console, built-in server
  • workspaces
  • UNC paths
  • built-in PHP server
  • PHPUnit Test Explorer
    • Live testing
    • Tests debugger
    • Tests browser
  • Initial version of PHP Tools for VS Code