Turn Visual Studio into a powerful PHP development environment

PHP Tools for Visual Studio

All-in-One extension extending Visual Studio with PHP IDE

PHP Tools for Visual Studio Code

Entire PHP IDE as an extension for Visual Studio Code

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Introduction to PHP Tools for Visual Studio
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Get the most from your IDE

PHP Tools is a full PHP development environment in a single package. Take advantage of the well-known industry standard IDE to develop small projects up to large-scale PHP applications.

Code faster

Boost your productivity with our editor's smart code analysis and fast preemptive code completion. Utilize a wide range of navigational features, have a localized manual at your fingertips, and easily perform quick refactoring actions. Experience the advantages of IntelliPHP, our on-machine AI assistant, which enables you to code more efficiently with less typing. Rest assured, your private code remains secure as IntelliPHP runs locally on your machine.

Debug at ease

Inspecting the code is essential. We have integrated a PHP debugger seamlessly, so you'll have access to all the features you're used to in a well-arranged way. Watch values, inspect exceptions, warnings, and errors, and diagnose the issues quickly.

Productivity tools at hand

PHP development consists of tons of technologies. Employ your IDE for PHPUnit testing, package management, editing regular expressions, project management, or even setting up and installing PHP itself.

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Download PHP Tools for Visual Studio with 30-day Premium features included. You can keep using the software without having to reinstall or reconfigure if you decide to purchase a license.