Turn Visual Studio into a powerful PHP development environment

Introduction to PHP Tools for Visual Studio
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Key Benefits

Well-Known IDE

  • Visual Studio, VS Code
  • Integration respecting conventions
  • High performance environment
  • Version control support
  • Fully featured, complete IDE

Smart PHP Editor

  • PHP 8.x, 7.x, 5.x support
  • Code Completion, Tootips
  • Detailed parameters help
  • Code navigation features
  • Diagnostics and analysis

Visual Debugging

  • Breakpoints in PHP and JavaScript
  • Inspect variables, Locals, Stacks
  • Immediate Window
  • Multiple Session and Remote Debug
  • Exception Assistant

Integrated PHP Manual

  • Embedded Localized Manual
  • Context-aware Help
  • Reporting Deprecations
  • PHPDoc Features
  • Navigation to the Manual

Code Navigation

  • Indexes workspace and packages
  • Browse declarations within solution
  • Find references, and implementors
  • Class View, and Navigation bars
  • File structure, Class analysis


  • Visual Studio HTML Editor
  • Highlighting, Schema Validation
  • Formatting, Outlining, Commenting
  • IntelliSense, HEREDOC Support
  • Mixed Twig/Smarty/PHP/HTML Code


Free 30 Day Trial Download

Download a fully functional 30-day trial of PHP Tools for Visual Studio. You can keep using the software without having to reinstall or reconfigure if you decide to purchase a license.