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PHP Tools for Visual Studio

Making PHP a first-class citizen in Visual Studio

What’s new?

Latest update (Download) of PHP Tools for Visual Studio brings HTML Editor integration. In result coding of PHP scripts gets advantage of full HTML support which is built in Visual Studio. All the editor features of HTML, JavaScript or CSS are now available to PHP files.

Together with PHP Editor features, Visual Studio becomes the complete editor for PHP developers.

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Code Editor

  • Syntax coloring, Customizable Fonts&Colors read more
  • Smart Indentation
  • Document Format, Selection Format, Format on Paste, Format on closing brace and semicolon
  • Bookmarks
  • Code collapsing, #region/#endregion collapsing
  • Brace Matching, Matching symbol highlighting
  • Comment/Uncomment code
  • Full Unicode support and line ending configuration
  • PHP 5.5 support
  • Custom additional file extensions, e.g .php5, .phpt
  • PHPDoc support, autogenerating on /**, smart indentation
  • Find/Search replacement within projects and solutions. Supports regular expressions and wildcards.


  • Integrated PHP manual, Go to Help (F1)
  • Complete help support using PHP manual and PHPDoc comments
  • Word Completion (Ctrl+Space)
  • Go To Definition (F12)
  • Function Assistance showing parameters, default values and description
  • Tool Tip Assistance showing summary on mouse hover
  • Dynamic context-aware IntelliSense for PHP
  • Autogenerated view for PHP manual functions, classes


  • Xdebug support, Multi-session debugging, Remote debugging
  • PHP, JavaScript and .NET debugging at once
  • Automatic installation of PHP from Web Platform Installer
  • Supports built-in PHP server, IIS Express and custom server
  • Breakpoints, Conditional breakpoints
  • Step Into, Step Over, Step Out
  • Quick Watch support, Add To Watch
  • Edit values at run-time
  • Watch, Autos, Locals, Immediate Window
  • Call Stack Window
  • Text View, HTML View, XML View of variables value

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Team Collaboration

  • Support for built-in version control providers
  • PHP Projects version controlling
  • Team Foundation Server, Git, SVN, and more
  • Seamless integration with the project system
  • Source Control Explorer
  • Work Items
  • Check-in History

HTML Editor in PHP files

  • Support for HTML, JavaScript and CSS in PHP files
  • Code colorization
  • Code collapsing
  • IntelliSense
  • Formatting, Smart Indentation, Real-time code validation
  • HTML schema validation
  • Support for add-ins like Web Essentials
  • Design View, Split View, Code View

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Code Snippets (Ctrl+K,S and Ctrl+K,X)

  • Commonly used code fragments as snippets
  • Integrated in IntelliSense (Tab)
  • Automatically formatted snippets
  • Snippets with editable spans
  • Context-aware editable spans completion
  • Custom code snippets

Navigation Features

  • Class View organized by namespaces
  • Object Browser
  • Navigate To (Ctrl+,)
  • Navigation Bar with Classes and Functions within the script
  • Go To Definition (F12)

Error List

  • Realtime error detection
  • Underlines errors & warnings in code
  • Checks for Syntax errors
  • Checks for Semantic errors & warnings

Project System

  • Multiple projects withing solution
  • Run or Debug multiple projects at once
  • Configurable environment
  • Project referencing
  • Configurable project run options
  • standard MSBuild project system
  • Item templates, Project templates


  • Publish PHP project to file system, FTP, FTPS, SFTP
  • Publish before run
  • Incremental publish
  • Support for opening FTP Web Site and uploading files On Save