PHP Tools for Visual Studio

Making PHP a first-class citizen in Visual Studio

Smart PHP extension for Microsoft Visual Studio

PHP Tools transparently integrate into Microsoft Visual Studio, and extend it with the support for PHP language. The extension is focused on developer productivity respecting conventions. It understands your code, provides smart code completion, quick navigation, syntax error checking, integrated PHP manual, project system, debugging support and more.

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Key Benefits

Well-Known IDE

• Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
• Version control support (TFS, Git, SVN, …)
• Integration respecting conventions
• Automatic updates & Easy installation
• High performance environment

Smart PHP editor

PHP IntelliSense
• Full PHP 5.5 support
• PHP IntelliSense, code completion
• Function parameters assistant
• Go to definition (F12)
• Shows embedded documentation

Visual Debugging

PHP Debugging
• Breakpoints in PHP and JavaScript
• Inspect variables, watches
• Immediate Window
• Multiple session debugging

Integrated PHP manual

PHP Manual in Visual Studio
• PHP functions&constants&classes
• Integrated documentation
• Search available symbols while typing
• PHPDoc support

Code Navigation

PHP Class View
• Browse declarations within your solution
• Quickly search through available symbols
• Navigate directly to symbol definitions
• Navigate To, Class View, Object Browser, …

HTML/JS/CSS support

PHP HTML JavaScript CSS Editor
• Visual Studio HTML Editor
• Syntax Highlighting, Schema validation
• Formatting, Outlining, Commenting
• Full IntelliSense
• Web Essentials Support

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