Phalanger Tools

Key Benefits

PHP Tools Logo PHP Tools for Visual Studio included
• All-in-one PHP Editor features
• Most used Visual Studio PHP integration in the box
.NET • Running PHP on .NET Framework and IIS natively
• Referencing .NET modules instead of PHP extensions
• PHP IntelliSense with .NET symbols & documentation
• Extended Visual Studio with PHP/CLR project system
• Rich configuration options
• MSBuild support & compilation into .NET assembly


• Compiles PHP into native .NET, without unsafe code
• Provides rich both-way interoperability API
• Makes easy to use PHP in C# and vice versa
• Improves performance on heavy-used servers
• Smarter use of CPU with .NET Just-In-Time compilation
• Takes advantage of .NET profilers to profile PHP code
• Develop in Visual Studio IDE with no compromises
• Do not leave your IDE for C#, VB, PHP and Phalanger
• Take advantage of all the built-in features you like